What nail polish are you wearing? Part 7!

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  1. This looks incredible!
  2. Thanks!
  3. This is GORGEOUS!
  4. Uhhh I totally did not change polishes just after one day. Nope. :p Here's Revlon's Scandalous and P&P's Party on my Yacht.

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  6. WOW, amazing!!! :drool:

    I love this! They look so cute together! :smile:
  7. julep demi
  8. My Last few manis ..

    Chanel Coco Blue


    Chanel Lilac Sky and Nails Inc. Stratford (gold / pinkish duochrome)


    And what I've been wearing the past few days .. :love:

    Chanel Diwali

  9. ^beautiful bright blue & gorgeous e-ring!

    ^WOOOOOOOOOOOOW...that looks AWESOME!!!!! :ps:

    ^pretty yellow on you!
  10. These are beautiful and look so nice on you. The first one reminds me of RBL Aqua Lily.
  11. ^LOVE YOUR SPAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think my favorite is the pink with SRO...because I love pink.:heart: your nails are just gorgeous. so exciting to see you wearing all of that silver glitter. hopefully that base will help you with removal.

    I think I've gotten all my computer issues straightened out now. tomorrow is father's day, & I'm going out tonight. maybe I'll be able to deal with some pics tomorrow night or monday. ;)

    ^so cute for the summer!
  12. ^awesome holo!

    ^beautiful coral franken!

    ^looks pretty in this pic!

    ^love those 2 glitters together!
  13. ^your friend made a great glitter!

    ^love that lynnderella!!!
  14. ^amazing holo!

    ^lol! fun glitter combo!

    ^lovely manis! the blue is my favorite.
  15. it's a blue kind of day. Dior Saint-Tropez with OPI Lat Friday Night accent.


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