What nail polish are you currently wearing?

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  1. I painted my nails a little while ago and was just curious what you girls currently have on your nails!!! I work at a hair salon and we're required to wear black and white, so I'm wearing Chanel Black Satin nail polish to match :0)


    How about you?
  2. My feet are French and my hands have a barely there OPI color called Samoan Sand.
  3. I have OPI I don't do Dishes on my toes and on my hands I have Dulche De Leche
    Sat I am going ot repaint both my toes and hands
  4. My hands have a french manicure and I just did a pedicure on my feet today with a Chanel polish in a very light coral. It is so light that you can't really see the polish so this weekend I will change it to a darker Chanel color. Maybe something in the deep reds. My sis wears the Chanel black or blue polish on her toes and I hate it. But it looks good on her.
  5. Opi's I'm Not Really a Waitress on toes and fingers :smile:
  6. The brand is Savvy and the color is called chocolate mint, but I put it on very thin so it is not really as dark as a chocolate mint.
  7. Bourjois 1 seconde color T9 (it's a blackened burgundy base with red glitter/shimmer), looks black in certain lights, so kinda matches LV Vernis Amarante :lol:
  8. That sounds like it's gorgeous!! I LOVE LV Vernis Amarante!!! So pretty :heart:
  9. chanel rose blossom on fingers, chanel tulipe noire on toes
  10. My nails are french arylic, and toes are opis I'm Not really a waitress.
  11. Nothing on my nails, but my toes have Chanel's pink satin :biggrin:
  12. Opi-Lincoln Park at midnight on my hands and Rubble for your thoughts on my feet.
  13. nothing on my hands, chnel tulipe noir on my feet
  14. I just got them done today. My nails are just clear and I used the "Got the blues for red", looks way darker, like burgundy not red. I love it :tup:

  15. French on my hands ( I have acrylic) and Sally Hansen Blue Navy on my toes.
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