What my SA told me about my B Bag....

  1. I've been having some "issues" with my B bag collection. I started off with a Truffle Day, returned it, purchased a Black Day, purchased a Sapin Purse, returned it for a Black City, purchased a Black First. So right now I have a Day, First and City- all in black.

    I have used my First a couple of times for going out at night. Love her. I use my Day regularly. Have not used my City much and am realizing I may never use her.

    I mainly purchase my bags from NM. I haven't had the best luck with the SA's at NM but I finally introduced myself to Lee (who has gotten rave reviews on this board). I've called him a couple of times to talk about other styles. Yesterday I called him and told him that I was now thinking of a Giant Hobo, as I love my Day and I think that style works best for me. I mentioned that I have a City and she's just been sitting in my closet.

    Lee then tells me "If you purchase a B bag, I want you to love her and use her all the time! Bring back that City and let's get to work and see what we can do." I am seeing him on Friday morning.

    I don't know what will happen. I love the style of GH but I'm not a fan of gold hardware. Maybe I will return my City and wait for the Fall and see if silver or pewter hardware returns.

    What's the point of this post?? I dunno. Just reinforcing the fact that if we are spending so much money on a bag, we better use it and love it :yes:
  2. aww wow he sounds great! why dont you like/use the city? I was planning on buying my 1st city? should i get a 1st instead>??
  3. Wow, I would LOVE to have a SA just like Lee who's willing to work with me and my handbag peccadillos. ITA with Lee, though, in that if you don't love the bag and haven't found the time to use it, then you should get something that you really would. I felt the same way about my Black City, which I sold, and another which I am now selling. Bbags are too spendy to keep in our closets.

    Re- not being too crazy about GH, well, the FW 07 pre-collection is supposed to hit retailers at the end of the month. Would you be able to hold out 'til then to see what you like with the upcoming season?

    I, too, love the shape of the Giant Hobo, but would much prefer it with RH. Am not sure if Balenciaga would ever release it with RH, but am surely hoping that they will...

    Good luck with your search! :yes:
  4. That's great that you have that option...

    Unfornuately I always end up buying someplace that is exchange only, so I have to figure out what to do with a bag that isn't getting used.

    I agree though, if you're not going to use the City, exchange it for a bag that will be loved & used.... :yes: I vote GH Hobo, but I am biased. I think color hardware depends on the color bag you are wanting....
  5. Wow, Lee sounds like a terrific SA! i also buy most of my bags from NM but i am not too happy with my current SA (i post about this in a recent thread). which NM does Lee work?
  6. I would like to know where Lee works too! He sounds great!
  7. If it's the Lee that I am thinking of, he's at the Short Hills NM in NJ. He has helped with with other bags in the past and was very nice.
  8. Wow. He sounds like one hell of a SA! I absolutely agree with him.....I never "treasure" my Balenciagas. That doesn't mean that I don't take care of my precious beauties, but I generally tend to use them to death.

    When someone is that genuine and nice, you know you can count on his opinion!

    monsoon:That's why you're selling your beauty! I was wondering why you were letting a gem like that go.....heck, I'm not complaining:graucho:
  9. Yes, Lee works at the Short Hills Mall NM. But he's MINE!!!!!! :p

    Just kidding! Actually I told him about this forum. He even gave me his card and cell phone # and said that if I ever need anything, to call him on his cell. I can ask if I can share it with you guys if anyone wants it.

    Lizz- regarding my city, I don't know. I think it's b/c I like wearing bags on my shoulder. The City does have a shoulder strap but I don't like how it looks on me. I bought it b/c I loved how it looked on everyone else but I cannot tolerate carrying a bag on the hook of my arm.

    The First is great but it's small. So I only use it when I'm going out at night.

    Maybe I will look at The Purse again, if he has any in stock. If not, I'll just have to wait and see what Lee can come up with.
  10. Lizz, I wear my cities on my shoulder all the time. They are perfectly comfortable. I think that it depends on your arm size. Go to the wearing pics thread, a lot of helpful ladies posted their height and weight so you can compare what size will work best for you.
  11. Anyone from TX? Does anyone know a person "like Lee" around here?
    I just got a First in Blanco, but what i really wanted was one in darker color - something like a really dark navy.
  12. I'm in the Houston area. What about you? I don't have a SA yet here but plan on using one here soon. I'll let you know when I do.
  13. Let's just call him "Dr. Lee" from now on... cuz it sounds like you are going to a doctor's appointment to get all fixed up with the right Bbag for what ails you. [​IMG]
  14. I took my black City back, and I'm using my Emerald Day all the time - but not necessarily because I didn't like the style of the City - more because I realized if I have any alternative to black I'll wear that more.

    I love the Day/Hobo style and how I can stuff so much stuff into it daily. I am worried a little about my new order - for an anthracite City - and for a magenta City.

    However, once I'd gotten rid of the Black City, and all I have for daily is use is a Day bag (I can't use Firsts for every day - they are way too small for me), I realize that I do use both a shoulder strap and the forearm carry method. Since I normally carry a briefcase - and it's a shoulder bag for sure, having two bags slung over one shoulder means that when I go to put things down, down go both bags.

    With the City, I keep my purse on my forearm and then sling the tote/brief strap (not Balenciaga) over my shoulder, keeping the two bags distinct in my mind and for common sense purposes too.

    Also, when I know I'm going to be using my purse frequently, as when shopping, I do like to carry it on my forearm (where I can see it, too) and where it is easily accessible.

    Plus, well - and here's the real rub for me, the Day lacks the bales and the clips - and I really really like hardware. I'm just a hardware and fringe and grommet/rivet kind of girl. Every time I see someone modelling a City on the pictures pages, I get jealous of the hardware. My DH misses the hardware too.

    But, if I lived in a perfect world, I'd have one more Day bag (Aqua or 05 Teal or Turquoise) - at least. My DH thinks I should stick more to Cities since I tend not to overload them and he thinks I should leave the kitchen sink at home too.

  15. I am in Dallas... Adrienne in Barnery's was extremely nice... but i don't think she would be able to help with finding colors and etc. I was hoping there is a person like that somewhere near by.
    Oh, welll, i guess that's why we have this forum.