What my mom said about my sky blue twiggy

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  1. it's not even that worn btw, the handles haven't even darkened yet.

    "What an ugly bag, such an awful colour, it looks so outdated, why did you buy this??"

    UGH, i was so mad :cursing:

    I felt like throwing a tantrum :hysteric:

    How could she? :sad:
  2. it sounds like what my mom would say! don't feel too bad
  3. I showed my mom a couple of my B Bags, she loved the one with the GGH and said the truffle city with the RH was boring and blah!!! I thought she would love the RH and hate the GGH! Who knew! Moms are unpredictable!
  4. hahaha thats crazy! older people are so quirky!
  5. But you love it, right? That's the main thing..;), if I show my husband something in slouchy leather, he thinks it looks cheap and nasty..(that's ok, darling, I've got my eyes on a Chanel tote..)

    You enjoy that blue Twiggy, girl, I love blue bbags!
  6. LOL :nuts:
    Dont worry! When my mom saw my 05 Magenta and Turquoise, she was like: "Oh gosh! Where did you get those??? The colours are so...umm...dreadful!!"

    There...an opinion of my conservative mother on the most sought after colours Balenciaga ever produced :supacool:

    I guess your mom perhaps is like my mom..

    However the most important thing is, you like it :smile:
  7. omg, I feel for you ...my mom said the same thing. She said "why did you get that for, it looks so old and outdated" I was so annoyed too. And yes I still love all my bags too, it helps but very annoyed she would say that. Thanks for sharing this. :smile:
  8. that's what my mom said about my choco city... until she tried it on and now she's trying to take it from me LOL
  9. i think as long as you love your bag, that's what matter the most;).
  10. awww i'm sorry!

    but it just matters if YOU love it - i havent had anyone (not my mom, dad, boyfriend, etc.) say any negative things about my bbags - in fact they all love them. so hey, they cant be that bad lol! i guess it's just not your mom's taste.
  11. Gotta love our Moms ... go ahead and throw a tantrum! lol!
  12. Hehe, my mom loves colorful bags, so when she saw mine, naturally she admired them :shame:
  13. Aww don't take it too hard, everyone's entitled to their own opinions. I know I dislike some brands that other people love, too. :smile:
  14. my husband feels the same way about my plomb part time, i felt bad at first...then i just let it go, he knows nothing about bags anyway!
  15. Aw sweetie, my SO said why I would bother buying old-looking, wrinkled elephant-like leather... don't take it to heart, it's a matter of taste and ours happens to be good!! LOL. :tup: