What my JPG Baby and James Bond have in common...

  1. They're both sexy with black tie attire AND can take a little beating and still look pretty polished. ;)

    When my SA discovered that I didn't have an evening bag, she immediately suggested a clutch. For years I've been accustomed to filling my date's pockets with keys, cards and the odd lipstick, but then again... how can a girl be a viable social animal without a proper evening bag, after all, right?

    Still, I had never really imagined myself as a clutch kind of girl, and had flirted only briefly with the notion of carrying a Kelly Longue (black, of course). Yet I tried on several and none of them spoke to me.

    But the moment this came out of the box, I knew it was kismet!

    JPG black lizard kelly mini with ruthenium hardware:


    Since then she's been traveling with me and made appearances at all sorts of gatherings from formal functions to regular afternoon outings. She's been carried by a six-year-old ("Auntie G- I really like this bag. Can I have it? PLEEEEEEASE? It's just my size, look!"), accidentally drop-kicked in the mud at the park, and nearly fed to the carp in a large pond. She's pretty hardy, I must say. Keeps her shape much better than the counterparts I'd seen in swift, and with just a bit of gentle brushing off with a felt cloth, she's as pristine as the day I got her.

    No pics of the interior, but the inside is capacious enough to hold a bearn, a blackberry, a small digital camera, keys and/or a coin purse. Small, discreet, and stylishly functional - after fitting in a homing beacon/microprocessing chip, I think Q would approve. ;)

    I know I do! I am absolutely smitten by this bag!


    Okay, just wanted to share. Now I'm off to bed! :winkiss:
  2. Ooooh! Very nice!
  3. Gorgeous gina!!! Congrats!
  4. YIKES!!!!!!

    gina that bag is SMOKING HOT!!!!

    I thought I wanted a kelly longue in blk or raisin box and now I want a lizard one....

    A girl's gotta have a clutch and that is beautiful, ENJOY :choochoo:
  5. WOW!

    I have no words!!!!! I think I have seen clutch perfection!!!
  6. O......M......G........this is just a BEAUTIFUL piece of art! It's stunning......I love it, Gina. LOVE IT!!!! You have great taste....always.....
  7. gina_b: That bag is so adorable! Love the lizard! it looks very soft. You could totally go down the runway with that bag.
  8. Well,who wouldn't be smitten by a thing like that?!?!?!
    Looks fantastic!!
  9. GORGEOUS! I dream of the day when lizards grow big enough for Hermes to make a larger Birkin :girlsigh:
  10. I have never thought of getting an clutch/evening bag until now. That bag is so verstile for every type of event
  11. What a beauty!! Congratulations!
  12. :drool: :drool: :drool:

    I keep coming back just to look.....
  13. [​IMG]

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!:nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:

    This is perfection! Congratulations!

    Now I know what I'll choose for my evening clutch (when I make that purchase in the distant future) - this could not be more Perfect!!
  14. CONGRATS MY DEAR!!! SHE IS LOVELY!!! YAY to finally freeing ur dates' pockets!!!!;) :woohoo:
  15. Oh MY!! That is absolutely PERFECT, Gina. I don't have a clutch either, and I always thought lizard looked lovely but really had to be babied. Good to hear it;s up to the job as well as looking HOT!