What my co-workers and I did to save for....

  1. I just remembered how my co-workers and I did one time to save money to buy a purse or any luxury item every pay period, I thought I'll share with you guys and maybe you can do it at your job or with friends and family members.

    It was maybe 15 of us, every pay period each person gives one person you can totally trust $100 (it could be more or could be less--is up to you). 15 people at $100 each is $1500 a pay period or week or every 2 weeks. We pull numbers and whatever number you get--that's the week one person gets the whole $1500 and then the following week whoever gets #2 gets another #1500 and so on. You use the money to splurge in whatever you want. Everyweek someone would get the money until all 15 people got their money. It was fun to see what everybody ended it up getting.

    You have to make sure everybody is trusworthy and would come up with the money everyweek if not lets say they get #1 they may dissapear with your money.

    I've done this a few times and use the money to splurge--is fun, I hope you like the idea--let me know if you need more explanation.
  2. Sounds fun!
    What purses have you guys bought?
  3. That is a GREAT idea....wish I had a few more co-workers....we are a small office...it wouldn't be mush of a splurge!

  4. The people I worked with weren't too much into very expensive bags so most of them got coach.
  5. My moms company did something similar...every pay period, they would put money in to what they called the birthday club. You could join as many times as you wanted, but, I think there had to me a minimum of 10 lots filled. My mom normally joined twice, so she got double her money, and, at the end of the year, your money came back to you. My mom (along with a lot of others) opted to join twice and get the money back around Thanksgving (no where near her bday, which is in August lol!) and then she had it for Black Friday shopping :smile: Since then, she quit it at work and signed up at www.ing.com b/c of the interest being so high!
  6. That sounds really cool! I think it is so funny, though, the way that saving is so psychological. You could, of course, get the same amount of money by just saving $100 of your own paycheck each week for 15 weeks. But that doesn't seem so fun...and most of us aren't disciplined enough to do it:smile:
  7. Precisely my thoughts! Pooling your money with a group will keep your much more disciplined in my opinion. Thanks for the suggestion Naturale!
  8. I'm glad you all like the idea, also you know that you'll be responsible for that money every week. If you just save it in the bank you tend to skip putting the money in the bank some weeks
  9. wow awesome idea! :idea: Now...I just need a job ;)