Books & Music What music video has moved you the most?

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  1. I just saw Linkin Park´s video for "What I´ve done" and it was just woah. Other videos I remember moving me are Sinead O´connors "Nothing compares 2 u" and I also remember seeing DMX´s "Who we be" and tearing up, the same with My chemical Romance "The Ghost of you".

    So what are the video´s that stop you?
  2. The only one that really made me think it was something special was Queens Of The Stone Age - Go With The Flow........too cool! :rochard:
  3. :heart:Endless Sorrow by ayumi hamasaki was really touching.
  4. Black Eyed Peas - Where is the love or Jamie T - Sheila
  5. Rascal Flatts...........What hurt's the most!! Makes me cry everytime I see it.
  6. everclear's "wonderful". i have NO idea why, but it the end, it shows him wiping away a tear and that just makes me start bawling.

    also, savage garden's "crash and burn". the sign language part makes me tear up.
  7. I'm a little embarrassed to even post this, but here goes...
    Lindsay Lohan's "Confessions of a Broken Heart".
    I am not a Lindsay Lohan fan at all, but when I first heard the lyrics and saw the video I literally broke down sobbing...weird!
  8. There are just so many, but I can't of course remember many now :P But yeah, what I've done is definitely one of them, I liked the video first, and then the song grew on me so I ended up buying it from iTunes :P
  9. Sinead O'Connor--"Nothing Compares 2 U"
  10. ME TOO!!! :crybaby:
  11. Me too! The video gave her some brownie points in my book. I never liked her other singles but this one song (along with the video) was really ... well done.
  12. Britney Spears' - Everytime.

    That video came out during an especially rough time in my life and stayed with me - I still enjoy watching it and listening to the song.
  13. I think of The cranberries "Zombie" and anything about war....Greenday "wake me up when september ends"
  14. Nickelback-- Savin' me. Deep.