Books & Music What music do you listen to?

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  1. I'm just really big into mellow rock, Coldplay especially. Their X&Y album knocks me off my feet every time I hear it, over and over again. :nuts:
  2. I've turned into my mother! When I was growing up, my mother once said that she lived in a house where she was constantly 'assaulted' by the music choices of my father and my sister and I that, when she had the chance to choose her own music, she chose silence. I just could not understand that AT ALL (as a fifteen year old).

    Now, it makes perfect sense!
  3. Oh my what a question. I drive my daughter to school everyday. In the morning its Z100...a crazy radio station. In the afternoon its R&B. Kids should keep their hands off of the radio station I too sound like my mom.:lol:
  4. Vlad - I've a Coldplay fan since the very beginning, and have seen them in concert 6 times! And I'm going to see them again in March. It's interesting to see their progression - the first tour was very stripped down and bare in terms of theatrics, but the last time I saw them (in September for the X&Y album), it was very much a "light" show. Anyway, I love them! What other bands do you like, since you like "mellow rock"?
  5. Eh, Counting Crows have a few amazing tracks, other than that it's pretty random. I used to be a metal head, but with increasing age I kinda moved to the softer side of things. Any sugggestions from you?
  6. Megs and I have tickets for the Cleveland Coldplay show in March as well, but we're not sure if we'll be able to attend yet. Shucks, they're floor tickets, too... what a shame. :cry:
  7. i'm really in to indie rock - bright eyes, neutral milk hotel, plus i've been listening to some less credible stuff i listened to in high school recently. saosin (one particular acoustic song), copeland, thursday, blood brothers, etc. i like a whole range of stuff.

    plus a local radio station, 95.5, that plays nothing but commercial's my guilty pleasure, and how i adore it!
  8. I LOVE the cure, loved them for almost half my life now... second comes depeche mode. radiohead, bjork, tori amos etc... i just saw depeche mode in concert last week~!
  9. i love r&b and hip hop, but i also like 60ies,70ies and 80ies music when i'm out dancing.
  10. The variety on my ipod would scare anyone! I have heavy metal (AC/DC, Metallica), large amount of Alternative/Modern Rock (loving Howie Day & Coldplay as well), modern Christian pop/rock, classical, ver limited country (I'm not a big fan), and, Pink Floyd. I hafta say that Pink Floyd is my fave band in the world (and no, I'm not smoking a
  11. Lol...the age comment....come on, we all know that you're not "old". Anyway, I hope that you and Megs make it to the Coldplay concert, especially because you have floor tickets.

    Here are a couple of "similar" bands/singers you might like: Athlete, Embrace, Damien Rice, Keane, Snow Patrol, James Blunt (he's kind of the "IT" person right now since he was on SNL a few weeks ago), Rilo Kiley (I love them!). They are all pretty mellow, but very good.
  12. Music, major part of my life, I love everything except for country! My Ipod would also scare you.....many dimensions,everything, I LLLLOOOOOOvvvvveeee to dance!:love: I was the "queen " of clubing/raving once, back in the day.:lol:
  13. I like a little of everything..except reggae and hawaiian.
  14. Punk and alternative rock..... alkaline trio, hot water music, strung out, nofx, lagwagon, hole, nirvana, tsunami bomb, weezer, foo fighters, the pixies, radiohead, tool, depeche mode, veruca salt, less than jake, hum, the ataris, goldfinger, rise against... I probably missed some, I just rattled off some of my MP3s :biggrin: