What music/bands you you like?

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  1. If this has been posted, feel free to move or delete.... I was wondering what music you listen to? I am a child of the good old 80's so I love Def Leppard, Aerosmith, Silverchair, Cheap Trick..Six..(A local So. Cal band) And my all time favorite heavy metal band from Germany...Helloween!!!! What do you listen to? :smile: OH, can't forget Trans Siberian Orchestra for the Xmas season!
  2. i like indie rock. bright eyes, neutral milk hotel, desaparecidos, and the like.

    lately, though, i've been listening to the more pop-punk stuff that i listened to in high school. taking back sunday, fall out boy, etc. plus some hardcoreish stuff like thursday and the blood brothers.
  3. Lately: Spoon (my current favorite), Sufjan Stevens, Built to Spill, Keane, Rufus Wainwright, Fiona Apple, Red House Painters, Weezer, Wilco, Death Cab, Decemberists, Gorillaz, Bjork, Kanye West, Neko Case....

    Eclectic to say the least.
  4. ahh, i forgot to mention death cab. how could i forget death cab?

    and i :heart: "car" by built to spill. one of the best songs ever, IMO.
  5. I love "Time Trap". Ah, soaring guitars. I think "Car" was the first Built to Spill song I ever heard. Someone put it on a mix tape for me.
  6. I like your taste in music, Amanda!
  7. I love Weezer and Gorillaz! I can listen to the Blue album over and over again. I also really like Coldplay (I'm going to see them for the 7th time next month), Guster, Rilo Kiley, Athlete, Modest Mouse, Keane, Tori Amos, lots of classical, Bruce Springsteen (from his hometown in NJ....gotta love Bruce), Postal Service, Death Cab, Snow Patrol....mellow music in general.
  8. i like yours, too! i think 'car' was the first built to spill song i ever heard, too, and "i want to see movies of my dreams" is still one of the most brilliant lines i've ever heard. it's a great warm-night-windows-down-sing-along song.

    man i'm going to have to find the mix cd that i have that on...
  9. the all-american rejects, fall out boy, ok go, frou frou, imogen heap, the shins, kanye west, beyonce, the postal service, stars, halifax, hellogoodbye....and similar sorts

    i also really love pop...like teeny bopper pop. i can't help it!! backstreet boys, ashlee simpson, jesse mccartney...:shame:
  10. I lost my mix tape (which I loved because it also had a never-released Grandaddy song), but you've inspired me to run over to the iTunes music store and get that song, since I don't have that Built to Spill CD anymore.

    I used to be way more into punk rock when I was younger (I'm 33) and have some good stories from hanging out at Gilman in Berkeley every weekend in the mid-90s. I was at Green Day's last show there!
  11. man, it's so weird to me to run into people that like someone like hellogoodbye, because i remember a few years ago in high school when not even the average indie fan had ever heard of them. how far that type of music has come! i saw someone on campus the other day with a neutral milk hotel t-shirt and almost crapped myself.

    lol it makes me feel like i'm elderly at 20. 'back in my day, we had to walk 20 MILES throught the SNOW to get to a fall out boy show!'
  12. i'm at my parents' house on their computer or i would be itunesing it immediately as well. that's so cool about gilman, i bet you really do have a bunch of great stories. i sorta feel the same way because i started getting into the current crop of indie bands that everyone loves right now (death cab, bright eyes, etc.) about 4-5 years ago when practically no one had heard them. i got to see a lot of great bands in a lot of tiny, tiny venues with like 50 other people. so now i have show stories to shock and impress my friends with :smile:

    i'm also less into it now than i once was, but it's great to look back on, i'm so glad i was part of that scene in high school.
  13. indie bands are definitely getting more attention now. i first listened to hellogoodbye on a birthday cd my friend made me and then i saw them on the real world: san diego

    :lol: my dad uses that so much...he lived in montana though lol.
  14. Jesus I feel old... I got into this music back in 1992, kids! Heh.

    Let's see, one of my favorite stories is going to a Breeders show in Olympia in '93 (actually I was working the door for the promoter, stamping hands so I could get in free) and into the empty lobby of the theatre walks Kurt Cobain. I was too shy and lame to say anything, but he was very small and his eyes were paralyzingly blue. Poor Kurt. No, I didn't get to stamp his hand, or talk to him.

    One of the last times I smoked pot was in 1994, and it was generously provided by Billie Joe from Green Day while we watched "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" in his very crappy apartment. I declined to use the four-foot tall bong, however. I was definitely not hard core enough for that.

    And if anyone remembers Rancid, I used to go over to their bass player's house on Thursday nights to watch "E.R." Lord, that show has been on FOREVER, hasn't it?

    There are a bunch of other stories, mainly involving bands that have been gone too long for anyone to remember.
  15. lol, billie joe's 4-foot-tall bong...now that's a great story.

    my parents always used to tell me that i was born a decade too late because i wanted them to buy me punk cds when i was like 7 years old. what can i say, i was hardcore from the beginning, lol.