Books & Music What Music are you Listening to?

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  1. So, let's hear your song selection of the day. :biggrin:

    Right now, since I'm mommies little country girl (yup, my mom is a Kentucky Wildcat) I'm listening to Blake Shelton.
  2. I've been playing all three New Pornographers albums pretty steadily - they are a really awesome indie rock band that I recommend everyone check out.
  3. ^ What songs do you reccomend? I'll download some

    I'm now listening to Coldplay's new album. My fav song off of it is called "Fix You" (kind of me and Vlad's song) :embarasse
  4. Off the new album: "Use It" and "The Bleeding Heart Show"

    If you have problems getting them, just tell me and I'll gmail them.
  5. Another good song, from the Donnie Darko Soundtrack, Mad World- by Gary Jules. Vlad loves that movie!!
  6. I don't have a defined taste...just anything that sounds good to my ears. Mainly nothing that'll make me feel erratic & pissed off at no apparent reason. LOL Those grunge rock stuff...not so much, it really depends.

    I like Dido, Gwen Stefani, Nine Inch Nails (a few albums ago), and maybe alittle BEP.
  7. I'm listening to the latest Goldfrapp album ('Supernature'), to Kylie's 'Fever' and to PJ Harvey's 'Uh Huh Her' (she is one of my favourite singers) + some Italian hip-hop music.
  8. "Threw It All Away" -- Kassi
  9. ^^ Ouch... is that song anything relating to bad times or bad times with guys? Ha- maybe I'm being a girl and reading too much into it!
  10. Pearl Jam - some best-of compilation.

  11. haha it certainly is! :wacko: damn men!
  12. It's the end of summer, so I for some reason am listening to Blink 182,the cd with "all the small things" gets me going in the morning!
  13. ^^ I loved that cd! Sometimes older music is awesome.

    Have any of you listened to Nickle Creek? Really good group- smaller but really good!
  14. Common "BE"-the whole album goes hard!
  15. Kings Of Convenience
    Astrud Gilberto's first album with Stan Getz
    Beck: Sea Change, Guero and Odelay.

    I like the slow stuff and wistful samba music, I'm perpetually melancholy.