What Mulberries have you sold on or stopped using and why?

  1. Could be a very short thread this one but interested to hear if there is a Mulberry you regret buying??? or have got bored of- or have just replaced with a newer model?! Or just don't use for whatever reason!:shrugs:
  2. Oh Jo, please stop starting really great threads that I want to reply to - I'm supposed to be cooking tea!
    I've sold loads but will have to come back later to tell all...
  3. Sorry- I'm on a bit of a roll here!!!! (also in process of cooking spaghetti for the kids!!)
  4. I regret buying my coffee Joni. I got it in the Mulberry sale (maybe a good reason for me to stay away from the sale this year). I wear it as a cross body bag and I find the dye from my jeans rubs off badly and stains the back of the bag. It's also not the right shape for me - too big for a messenger bag.
  5. Hurry up and come back Sara Jane and thank you for the Alana advice

  6. Sorry to hear that but i find it a lot cheaper to learn from other peoples experiences!
  7. I have sold
    phoebe in oak
    phoebe in chocolate
    georgie in oak
    elgin in olive
    elgin in oak
    and 1 other I can't remember
  8. Somerset Hobo bag , really big bag on a silly little strap !!

    Really big square designed bag and like I said Really short shoulder strap.

    Not for me .
  9. Good to hear from you Jackie1. I love the photo of all your mulberry bags so much. Why did you sell on the elgins??
  10. I'm not really using my Luella for Mulberry Gisele bag, it's lovely in a gorgeous cognac colour BUT it's really quite big and the straps are v short which means it gets really heavy toting it around. But I'll never sell it though, it's a bit of a collectors item now that Mulberry don't make them anymore :smile:
  11. Hi aine1313
    I needed to move some on so as I could buy the heloise and those were the ones I felt I could part with as I didn't really use them enough
    I love the heloise though just gorgeous :heart:
  12. I stopped using my Blenheim when Sophie arrived,thats when Roxy made her entrance and bigger bags were the order of the day!!!
  13. I stopped using my Tooled bayswater, too heavy for me
  14. I'm about to sell my black Rosemary. Too small for me. Loved it though.
  15. Ok, where do I start...
    Black saddle bag messenger - gave it away. Should have kept it as it had the tartan lining and I really like the shape again now!
    Vanilla & oak Alana - exchanged for chocolate Soho. Wasn't sure about colour.
    Cream Soho with oak strap & fastening - gave it to my mum. Must remind myself never to buy the same bag in a different colour, never works.
    Coffee Araline - exchanged for ginger Josie. Already had tangerine Araline, duplication mistake again.
    Ginger Josie - exchanged for black Alana. Got it home & realised it was tiny!
    Chocolate Hanover - got it home and realised leather would drive me mad. Hang on, that one hasn't happened yet!!