What movie to take my 5 1/2 year old to today?

  1. It's the last day of school here in NY and my youngest is finishing kindergarten. It's a half day-so, I am taking off work and going to pick him up at noon for a little celebration. We will be dining at our favorite diner, Daisy's and then i want to take him to a movie.
    Any suggestions? He has already seen Cars-I was thinking of taking him to Superman-I know it's rated PG-13, but he handles grown up stuff well.

    Any ideas ladies?
  2. What about Garfield movie??
  3. I think they may be showing re-runs of The Exorcist, so I heard.

    Sooo kidding. Looking over the movies currently playing, I don't think there is much choice out there.
  4. Oh it's out?
  5. I would NOT take a 5 year old to a PG13 movie..ever..I didnt even consider pg13 movies..till my kids were 9.and you need to go to a movie website and screen for why its pg13..they will help with any questions
  6. Maybe rent a movie and take it home?? There seems to be nothing suitable out...
  7. Garfield is adorable. It's not as funny as the first, imo, but my 5 year old laughed alot.
  8. Has he seen Over the Hedge yet? My 4-year old loved it!
  9. Over The Hedge??? We are taking our kids tomorrow night here in HK! You could always tell him that no good movies are showing...so to celebrate his last day properly...Mommy and her little guy are going handbag shopping!!!! Hmmm...not sure how well that will go over..but you can try to train him young!!!
  10. Cars is out as well. It's supposed to be good.
  11. there really areant any kid friendly movies out except CARS and garfield the closest thing is superman
  12. My 9 year old brother saw the garfield movie on monday with his class,and he loved it!. My brother said it was very funny!.
  13. Ah-I forgot about Garfield-will look to see if it is playing aorund here!

    And, will also check as to why Superman is PG-13-thanks!

  14. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  15. Oh yea.. over the hedge is supposed to be really funny!