What movie do you associate with which star?

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  1. Days of Thunder
    Matt Damon
  2. Good Will Hunting
    Robin Williams?
  3. Mrs. doubtfire
    Rob Lowe ?
  4. St. Elmo's Fire
    Demi Moore?
  5. About last night
    Chris Noth?
  6. Cast Away
    Helen Hunt?
  7. As Good As It Gets
    Jack Nicholson?
  8. The Shining
    Shelley Duvall?
  9. Roxanne
    Steve Martin?
  10. Father of the Bride
    Martin Short?
  11. Honey I Shrunk the Kids
    Jennifer Anniston
  12. Cake
    Sam Worthington
  13. Fractured
    Lily Rabe?
  14. Sister Aimee
    Michael Sheen?
  15. The Queen
    Helen Mirren?