What movie do you associate with which star?

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  1. Pretty Woman
    Corey Bookman?
  2. I meant Corey Feldman...Stand By Me
    River Phoenix
  3. My Own Private Idaho
    Keanu Reeves
  4. The Matrix

    Drew Barrymore
  5. 50 First Dates
    Gregory Peck?
  6. Gone with the Wind
    Vivien Leigh
  7. Gone With the Wind
    Clark Gable?
  8. Gone With the Wind

    Uma Thurman
  9. Kill Bill
    John Travolta?
  10. Grease
    Melanie Griffith?
  11. crazy in Alabama

    Sean Bean
  12. Lord of the Rings
    Ashley Moore?
  13. Alone Together
    Enrique Gil?
  14. She's the One
    Amy Adams?
  15. Leap Year
    Matthew Goode?