What movie do you associate with which star?

  1. No. Earlier someone said Kate Hudson and the following person said Titanic. It was Kate Winslet in Titanic. Sorry to confuse. My OCD coming out.
  2. Love actually

    Martine McCutcheon?
  3. love actually

    cate blanchett
  4. curious case of benjamin......

    Meg Ryan?
  5. You've got mail

    Anne Hathaway
  6. Devil wears prada

    Liv Tyler?
  7. LOTR

    Steve Martin
  8. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

    Christina Ricci
  9. black snake moan

    jack black
  10. School of Rock
    Molly Ringwald
  11. Sixteen Candles.

    Paul Rudd?
  12. Clueless

    Edward Furlong?
  13. the grass harp :heart:

    olympia dukakis
  14. Steel Magnolias

    Judy Garland?
  15. the wizard of oz

    will farrell