What movie do you associate with which star?

  1. aladdin

    renee zellweger
  2. Cold Mountain

    Cameron Diaz?
  3. There's Something About Mary

    Justin Timberlake?
  4. In Time

    Woody Allen?
  5. The Impostors

    Natalie Portman?
  6. Black Swan

    Al Pacino?
  7. Scarface

    Sean Connery?
  8. dr. no

    charlize theron
  9. Monster

    John Travolta ?
  10. Saturday night fever

    Jennifer Aniston?
  11. Marley and Me

    Judd Nelson?
  12. breakfast club

    kurt russell
  13. Vanilla Sky

    James Roday?
  14. the dukes of hazzard

    dustin hoffman
  15. The Graduate

    Ben Stiller?