What movie are you watching right now?

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  1. Okay everyone, we have a thread for what was the LAST movie you seen & what TV show your watching, but we don't seem to have one for WHAT MOVIE YOU'RE WATCHING RIGHT NOW. So here we go...

    Pitch Black ~Vin Diesel
  2. The Borne Ultimatum ~ Matt Damon
  3. The Hoax ~ Richard Gere
  4. I am watching The Donner Party. Only because I am obsessed with Christian Kane. Other than CK, its not a good movie. Ick.
  5. First Born with Elisabeth Shue
  6. Pretty Woman
  7. The Devils Backbone
  8. Friday the 13th~Final Cut!
  9. Ghost Ship
  10. Visitation
  11. 28 Days Later
  12. The Happening...OMG! Has anyone ever seen this!? This is the craziest movie I think I've ever seen!
  13. Getting ready to watch an American Haunting....based on a true story!
  14. Indiana Jones...the last one. (The Chrystal...something)
  15. Satc2!