What most impresses you the most about TPF?.


Instagram tania_r_k
Jun 24, 2018
Me....Im loving seeing beautiful bags and the wonderful people who love them...but most of all Im so impressed and happy to see the wonderful help , care and knowledge that members give....I love seeing the wonderful @whateve @BeenBurned @Hyacinth and all the others on The Coach forum....its amazes me the knowledge of Coach these guys have..wow.
The wonderful @ksuromax and @muchstuff on the Balenciaga forum...again wow....
The @ironic568 ...wow how do you know so much about Chanel...@seton on Longchamp..
And alll the others who help out with questions on brands...sorry I havent seen you all..still new here and learning about brands Ive never heard of.
I hope you all know you are appreciated for the time you give freely and the knowledge you impart..
I think that what makes this place so great...its the people.