What modifications ?

  1. If you were able to design / re-design a Chanel bag, what are the changes you would make ?

    For me:

    1. Rhuthium (sp?) h/w just like the reissues on the classic 2.55s, E/W and other classics like GST etc. It would modernize it so much more and accentuate the reds, blues etc!

    2. E/W with adjustable chains (double straps) just like the 2.55s. Would love to wear that shape across the chest or on the shoulders long (reaching the hips).

    3. In-built clasp for shortening chains inside the flap, just like some of the E/W.

    4. Leather Camelias on chains on the classics just like one of the minis (the mini is too teeny for me)

    5. Modernized GSTs.. not really digging the current thin chains with shoulder pads. Perhaps a thicker chain strap? And also a similar size and structure but with hardware CCs instead.

    6. Bring back the vintages! (eg. the famed MK tote)

    7. Love the modern chain concept. An industrial edge to a classic.. Can anything beat the sides with the straps woven into the leather? :heart: :heart: :heart: Hope they will bring it back or further adapt it.

    Thats all for now. I'm considering another Chanel, preferably a classic (I have none yet) but have a bone to pick with every design and wish I could mix and match to suit my taste. So ... what would you like to see?
  2. I like to have a jumbo classic dark red color with rhuthenium chain looks like the chain of the Mademoiselle tote released last year, not the current one.

    I like E/W with long chain and the width shorter a little bit.

    I like the GST with the open and zippped compartments just like the Diamond Stitch tote.

    I like the beige color a bit less yellow tone.

    I like dark navy blue jumbo caviar GST with rhuthenium hardware.

    OMG, I am going broke soon.......
  3. Agree re chain length om the east west bag. Some of the new bags, the chains are joined together and too heavy (the chains) even when the purse is empty. (I've got severe back issues.)
  4. It's just as well Chanel is unlikely to answer our prayers anytime soon :smile:

    I agree on the beige. It looks really "dead" on me. I would love cream to be a classic color just like the beige is for most lines.