What Model Sunnies are these???

  1. Can anyone please help me ID these sunglasses I had a look on the website but these seem a little rounder than the one's on there. The legs/arms have the Lv and fleurs etc on them I'm guessing they are some kind of soupcon but does anyone know soupcon what


    PS sorry for the rubbish scanning
  2. Based on the sides, I'm guessing the Obsession Rounds?
  3. Oh I love them, now another thing to desire. I am no help in identifying them, sorry!
  4. Didn't cec buy a pair of these? Seems like she has a pair of rounds that she said were new and she named hers snoopy or something? lol
  5. I agree:yes:

    lol ya, but mine are a bit different, look at how the acetate in the front curves up (there's a sharp "demarcation line") and also the sides;)
  6. Thanks guys!! I just had a look at the site again where the hell did I get soupcon from they don't even have the fleurs on the side!!! I'm sick at the minute so I'm blaming my delerious state on that LOL!!