What model # is this?

  1. It is gold kinda Optic up top, on bottom it is white...like a tote...I cant find it anywhere and I want it!!!
  2. I think you are talking about #7656? Let me know if I am right! Do an eBay search for this style number!
  3. This is the one Mommyville is referring to. Good thinking, Mommy! You thought of that one quick!! :p
  4. Thanks, Mokoni!!! It also comes in white optic, and black optic, along w/ the khaki optic Mokoni shows! I had this purse last summer, which is how I know!!! OR am I smarter than an SA??!!! I WISH!!! :p
  5. ^I think that a lot of us know just as much, if not more. ;) That's a really pretty bag, BTW. I have a love/have relationship with Optic. I think it's beautiful to look at but I don't think I ever want to own one.
  6. yes that is it!! thank u thank u!
  7. You're welcome!!!!! That's a GREAT bag!!!! :yes: