What model chanel is this?

  1. Hi,

    I was watching an episode of The Hills and I saw a red chanel bag that LC had on. what model is it? and how much? I really like it and would like to have a closer look :smile:
  2. Can you describe it in detail? We may be able to figure it out.
  3. It was red with large CC's and chain handle, pretty big. It's hard to see because she was movin about...I don't think that helps much sorry
  4. I just bumped up the celebrity thread for you to look at. It's got tons of photos--maybe you can find the bag in there. We could really use a picture to tell you which style you saw.
  5. I've never seen her w/ a red Chanel. . . If you go to MTV.com somtiems you can capture a still shot.
  6. Hi Mimi!
    If you're talking about the one she had on the season finale it's the red calfskin diamond stitch square tote in the small size. I know this because I have the white one and I tried to get the red from the boutique after I saw it on the show and the boutiques did not order this style in red. They ordered white, which I have, brown, and black. This is the softer grained calfskin leather. The small size is 1650 plus tax.:smile: