What Mj bag would you buy next??

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  1. hey i gave the hillier and the petal to the metal natasha. what other mj bags would you suggest buying
  2. That's pretty broad question. ;) What are your parameters?
  3. well i dont want anything too expensive.and i dont like really big bags.
  4. what's too expensive to you? would you like to stick to mbmj or try something from the collection line?
  5. If were talking MBMJ I would say get a groovee next. Love that bag!
  6. below 500 dollars ye anything by mj
  7. Perhaps a single off ebay, that would be below 500 and it ga gorgeous!

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  8. What about a groovee? They come in different sizes, so you could get the one that's right for you!
  9. ye the i was considering that one but i have also come across the totally turnlock sasha hobo crossbody in night.what do you think????
  10. The Sasha seems to be very popular here on tPF. It's a great shoulder/cross-body bag, but do keep in mind that it's pretty big.
  11. maybe the twisted handled remy or groove. I love both of these bags. They are so cute and can fit so much stuff inside.
  12. personally, i love the faridah! :yes:
  13. I would vote for groovy, but maybe the smaller one? I think the regular groovy fits a ton o' stuff! There is a mini-groovy right ladies? I am still new to MJ, but, I think in my "stalking" I have seen them......
  14. Yep the baby groovee, it can fit quite a bit into it!