What MJ bag have you held onto the longest?

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  1. So Ladies, I was wondering what mj bag, wallet, or clutch youve held onto the longest and why. Pics would be nice but not necessary. <- how formal does that sound:P
    I would love to know!

    Ill start!

    Y'all know I couldnt keep a bag around very long to save my life, but I Love and will never get rid of My Black zip clutch with gold hardware. I LOVE this ZC. I can even fit my Blackberry in it when I dont want to carry a bag and it still closes and looks divine:heart:
  2. my dark emerald green blake
  3. great topic. it was my stone stella until i recently sold it, so now it's officially the striping bowler. well, i received them both the same day, but i ordered the stella first. i love this bag. i'll never get rid of it.

  4. I think the bowler would be much happier on this side of the pond Kim:graucho:

    I'm a hoarder and have all my bags, but am actually contemplating of getting rid of my tomatoe Blake, but I just can't bring myself to let her go :sad:

  5. :wtf: you have an emerald blake. :wtf: I wouldnt get rid of that either
  6. my black/python alyona:heart: she will never go!!!!!!
  7. I'm a super fickle bag lover, I dont keep each very long, but my Sporty Tote's been with me for almost a year, thats gotta be my PR! LOL! But, the idea comes and goes to let her go...
  8. As of right now, I've had my small black Hillier hobo the longest - I got him last summer, and we spent every day together for a few months while I was saving up money for everything that was to come. :lol: I don't think I could ever part with him!
  9. Wow, I just realized I've had my black round hobo for almost 5 years! It'll also be 5 years for my Tere and sap green Venetia in the fall.
  10. Sap green venetia. *swoon*. Did you buy it new Flu?
  11. My two Blakes (black and blueberry). I have had these two for two years. The black I have used four times, the blueberry two times. I just can't seem to part with these. They are such classics!
  12. My Fall 07 Stam in grey, I've been carrying her lately & it's still :heart:.
  13. i understand why. not only is it a perfect grey imo, but i prefer the pebbled, structured leather to the current seasons' lambskin and goatskin stams.
  14. My black Blake from Fall06 with grey suede lining and grey stitching. It was a gift from my hubby and my very first MJ (actually he gave me a Venetia but I exchanged it for the Blake).
    Black Blake MJ 003S.jpg
  15. I have never parted with an MJ bag. So far. I can tell you that I will NEVER part with my Military/Rubino Hudson. I will probably never part with my Black LE Stella, Washed Rose Stella (this was my HG for a long time) and my Stams. There are a couple I could live without, but most I really love.