What MJ accessories do you own?

  1. Do you have any marc by marc jacobs or Marc Jacobs accessories?
  2. Just the MJ wallets..In black
  3. ;) I have the coin purse..I'm trying to find a wallet to match my purse but I'm having a really hard time..You'll bet I'll post again if I find it! :heart: Emmy
  4. ^ EMMY: I spotted several items with silver hardware at NM & Bloomies today - Black Venetia, Black MP (small), Putty MP (small). Would be nice if your zip clutch is also available..
  5. I only have the little credit card case. It's a helpful accessory though! I'm hoping to get a zip clutch soon!
  6. i have a zip clutch in sap green, a cc case in nutmeg, a key fob in nutmeg, and a silk scarf in blue/green.
  7. Thanx bag.lover! I pm'd you!!! :heart: Emmy
  8. I'd love to have the zip clutch, but even with the crazy prices I've paid lately for handbags, I just can't deal with that $395 price tag for a WALLET! I could get a nice handbag for that.

    If I could find one at a seriously discounted price, I'll be all over it, but for now, I'll stick with my Brighton wallet.:flowers:
  9. I have the black Stella. :biggrin:

    And also this from M by MJ... (forgot the name of it)
  10. ^^That's cute! I've always loved the drawstring style in handbags.
  11. I have 2 of the coin purses. One in a burgandy and one in a deep blue. I use them for so many things!
  12. Just bought Marc Jacobs sunglasses today! I love MJ!
  13. I just got the key pouch!
  14. How do you like the key pouch by far? I'm thinking of getting one but I'm wondering if you can stuff cash and a few cards in or no? I have yet to check out the item in stores though.
  15. Just this...

    And i find myself wanting MORE!