what mini-pochette should i get?

  1. Im thinking of getting a mini-pochette just for fun and for a little present for myself,but i dont know if i should get it in mono,damier or azur??love them all but i can only get one for now
  2. Azur!
  3. :yes: :yes: :yes:
  4. ^agree
  5. Azur!
  6. azur :heart:
  7. well, u do have the azur as your avatar..I'm guessing u r leaning towards the......azur? But JMO, I like the azur mini pochette with its chain...lovely and classy...:love:
  8. Azur!:heart:
  9. Azur, unanimous so far...
  10. ummmmmm.azur!
  11. omg u guys!!you pushed me so im going with the azur..plus im going to cuba for christmas so its perfect for night :biggrin:
  12. azur...i can't wait to get mine!
  13. ITA, the Azur one is so cute! :biggrin:
  14. azur is super cute.....
  15. Damier!!!
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