what mini lin wallet would be best??

  1. I am thinking of getting the mini lin bucket but want a matching wallet. Which one do you think is best??

    1. pochette wallet
    2. zippy wallet
    3. snapped billfold & coin purse

    Also if anyone has any of these, can you post pics of the inside so I can see what they look like??

    Also pros and cons of the mini lin bucket?
  2. Pochette for sure..
  3. i think the zippy!
  4. I like the bifold.
  5. I think pochette wallet is the best in Mini Line. Zippy wallet would look better in other lines.
  6. [​IMG]
  7. I have the ML bucket and I love it! One of my favorite bags....very easy to use. It also comes with the accessories pochette...2 bags in one! My DH loved that idea. Also another tPF member detached the gold chain and made it into a mini pochette. (I got the idea from her and did it too)
  8. oops BTW I like the pochette wallet ....
  9. i think the zippy is the cutest!
  10. I think the snapped billfold with coin purse is good!

    Now if only they made a Mini Lin Ludlow....
  11. I saw the new Mini Lin snapped billfold today, it now has 8 cc slots:nuts:!!!!!
  12. Pochette wallet
  13. Pochette Wallet~!
  14. zippy
  15. is there a zippy mini lin? Oh dear, why did I not know of that earlier?:crybaby: