What methods do you do to extend you collection?


Dec 11, 2006
Open up zero percent finance cards for a year, to buy all those bags that you've been lusting for.

I've used these special cc for antiques (americana) but never for purses....too scared to use this payment type here because unlike antiques, there's a special purse, gulp, almost weekly!!

No controll. But that's me (for now) how about YOU.:confused1:
I usually only buy at NM and get my Incircle points and pay it off either immediately or within a couple of months.
I won't ever have more than one bag on the card at a time.
I'm mainly like the Queen Bee Swanky...except I'm a Nordies girl. I like getting my Nordies Notes. If I do buy from NM, I will use my AMEX card (which I try to use very rarely...I'm one of the few people who doesn't use their AMEX card as their main card). It took me a long time to get into using AMEX, but since NM doesn't take anything else and I refuse to get a NM card, it's AMEX only. But there are benefits to having the AMEX card so I like anything I can get rewards with.

I love being rewarded for shopping!