What Messenger bag would you advise?

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  1. I think I want to buy a messenger :smile: There's a lot of options. My first thought was: a Mitzy Messenger in Blueberry, but maybe you have other messenger bags that you are very happy with. I don't want to spend an awful lot of money on it (so no Alexa for me ;)) as I will probably not use it on a daily basis and use it as a 'practical' bag to carry my purse and stuff when I go get my groceries... Any tips?
  2. Everyone knows I'm a Mitzy Messenger fan!
    Anthony is a good bag if you want something smaller (they do come in a larger size though) - they are very comfortabel to wear.
  3. I think ant is great too and comfy and secure. The new ink one is just beautiful.
  4. I love my black Brooke as a messenger. It's not supposed to be a messenger bag but I got a longer strap for it and it looks fab!
  5. Thanks for your replies! How much can you fit in an Ant (not the large size, the regular one)?
  6. I have both the Ant and Mitzy and for me the Mitzy is great for everyday and you can fit loads in, I also like the way it moulds to your shape. The ant is also great, but I only have the reg size and find it a bit small if I am out with the kids, but great if I do not need to take much with me-the larger on would be ideal.
  7. No that much in a smaller ant. I had a mabel purse and that didn't fit but my Paul Smith swirl purse fits fine and then I have my iphone, keys, lipsalve and thats about it. I would hold more but not much more. If you want more the larger size would be better.
  8. In the smaller Ant I usually carry:
    Long purse
    A5 Notebook
    and that pretty much fills it.
  9. Dre, do you find the strap digs in on your mitzy messenger? I found mine uncomfortable as it is a narrow strap and sold mine but it did look lovely.
  10. Hi Blue, depends on how much is in it. If it is just my stuff ( keys, purse phone etc) then it is great, but once the kids fill it with stuff then it does dig a bit. I have only really worn it with a thick coat so will wait and see how it fairs when wearing less layers.
  11. Hmm I think small Ant would be to small. I tend to carry lots of stuff (that I probably don't need to take but anyway). I think I will go to the Mulberry retailers tomorrow to see what they have and try some on.
  12. Try the Daria too!
  13. Marjo, please, tell us your opinions once you have visited the retailers. I am really interested in the crossbody bags, too. I am thinking Daria Satchel... I´d love to hear which bag you end up getting. :smile:
  14. I'm not sure if I would be able to try Daria. The retailers around here mostly don't have an awful lot of choice and the official Mulberry shop is too far away. But I will report :P
  15. I have both small and large antony's and definitely recommend the larger one if you have more than just purse & keys to carry. My small will fit my long mabel purse, iphone, keys and that's about it. The large will fit a significant amount more stuff into it :smile:

    How about the new E/W Antony on the website? Looks fab!

    I also agree with Mitzy recommendations, another brilliant bag :biggrin: