What Megs and I will be doing this weekend [pic]

  1. Last night, after arriving back from Germany, my beloved Megs gave me the best early Xmas gift ever!!!


    I am soooo happy, the game is going to be a classic for decades to come, and I can't believe I will be able to witness it with my own eyes! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  2. Awww thats great! Hope you two have an awesome time :biggrin:
  3. omg i'm so jealous! it's going to be an awesome game!!!! i hate michigan with a passion i hope ohio state crushes them!! although im a penn state alum, ohio state is my 2nd fave team in the big 10. i love jimmy tressel haha have fun!!
  4. OMG, I'll be watching on tv tomorrow. I was born in Michigan and am a Michigan State grad, so I am rooting for the Buckeyes!!!

    Have a wonderful time, you lucky couple!:party:
  5. This must be Football? lol Have a great time!! You've got yourself a sweet girlfriend.
  6. Even way down here there is talk of this game-it is going to be one of the ultimate college games-gave a great time, wave to the cameras!
  7. Awww! Megs is the best!:heart:
  8. Awww, Megs bought you tickets to see the WOLVERINES kick some buckeye ass! :yucky: he he he!:P

    :yahoo::yahoo:GO BLUE!!!:yahoo::yahoo:

    Seriously, have a wonderful time! Should be a great game!
  9. Have a wonderful time!
  10. WooooHooooo!!!!! Have a blast!!!!!
  11. Awwww! that's so sweet Megs!! have fun!! :yahoo:
  12. Have a great time at the game! DH and I were at the big Rutgers/Louisville game last week and have tickets again for the game against Syracuse next week. Gotta love college football!
  13. Have fun!! Going to see games together is so much fun!
  14. Football YEAH !!!!! :yahoo: I hate it, :confused1: but have fun !! :P
  15. have fun!!!