What meaning does handbag hold for you?

  1. I ask because I see alot of posts about how one will give their bags to the next generation.....and Ive heard around me that purses are high-end accesories that speak of ones fashion sense.....yet another speaks of how it is a symbol of luxury and thus special.....

    Ok, so I dont mean to affend....but it is a bag...a well made, branded and trusted, yes...fashionable, classic...whatever....but it is a bag....it may be a bit expensive and may be hard to get...but a bag which is simply used to hold your personal stuff to carry....

    This kind of sobered me up abit about brands.....and the meaning people give to it.....I just like it b/c it hold up, is pretty and it will last a bit....I feel satisfied...but it has less meaning than most of my other "stuff".....

    Any thoughts??????????:sweatdrop:
  2. it's the only thing i carry EVERDAY to put my important things in my life.
    it's the carrier i trust on my job's and everyday's needs.

    so :yes:, yeah i think bag's are important :p
    no matter if it's branded or not, it doesn't matter.
    it's person's personal choice. like when u choose to wear ragged clothes, or fancy suits. like u choose to cut your hair or let it long and conditioning it everyday.
    like u choose a religion, choose a house, choose a job :p

    well, that's just my 2 cents...
  3. I expect high quality, good designs. I´m willing to pay more since I know it will be a brand that is around for years to come. And also, rather annoyingly I´ll have to add this certain advertisement line: Because I´m worth it. At least I´d like to think so :biggrin:
  4. I guess bags get an elevated status because they are an extension of our personalities. We are drawn to bags for different reasons. Our personalities make us what we are and our bags are an external example of who we are and what makes us tick as are the clothes we choose to wear.
    I would never in a million years want to carry a Hermes Birkin or wear a fur coat because it's not 'me'.
    Ultimately bags are just objects to carry belongings around it but if they matter so little why aren't we all just carrying plastic supermarket bags?
  5. Yes, precisely! Bags have been status items and indicators of a person's wealth and social standing for...well, as long as there have been people, cultures, and bags that were more than a convenient sheep's bladder--and even then, they were often decorated. Most museums have intricately made bags from various cultures on display or in their collections somewhere if you look for them.

    What you carry matters, and what you carry it in matters, if you interact with anyone for any reason, your bag has real social meaning and value. The difference comes in the peer group. Spending most of your time with people who value Vuitton, or Jansport, or plain hemp shopping totes, makes a big difference in what you carry and why.
  6. Well, I just love them, but I really can't imagine any of our nieces being remotely interested in them, whether they are famous name or Tar-zhay clearance.

    The one of a kind hand embroidered ones, I actually think that our (Exceptionally Intelligent and Advanced) godson would be more likely to want them, for the art they are. I could see him framing them and hanging them on the wall!

    What your question makes me ponder, though, is the future of bags. The eagerness with which so many non-trendy people have embraced the "jumbo bag" trend, and the sheer practicality of it might be the harbinger of a future where the traditional handbag, the briefcase, and the backpack, all sort of merge into a new genre of accessory!
  7. Most of my bags were purchased when I'm on vacation at different placed. It's a reminder of the time spent there.
  8. I hear ya...and I do agree that it is a choice based on our likes and of course it is part of our "look"....but the Brand thing is what I was trying to stress about bags.....

    More and more...since I bought LVs....theres alot of judgments out there both bad and good....and some...just plain toooo vain.....it carries alot of meanings that I find abit left field for a handbag to represent.....:shame:

    Im just having an issue with it all right now...:p
  9. :yes:
  10. I totally see your point.....I guess personally, I am not comfortable with the judgements about my bags.....:s Now I kinda wish I would of known about this alittle more in details and maybe bought Lanvins...instead of LVs....

    I didnt know that brands, although fussed about, could have these ties to it......:shame:
  11. Just something to carry my stuff in! If it's the right size for whatever I want it to hod, and looks low-key enough, that's all I want in a handbag.