What MC zippy wallet would look better with the damier Hampstead?

  1. Hello everyone, I plan to buy the damier hampstead next week and I also want to buy the multicolore zippy wallet. The problem is that I am kindaaa confused on what color of the MC Zippy would look better with the hampstead bag...

    Please help be decide between the black or the white zippy wallet... thanks everyone! :smile:
  2. i always prefer white MC over black. :yes:
  3. me too.it's less flashy...
  4. I think the white would look better with the Hampstead.
  5. thanks everyone :smile:
  6. white.
  7. I say black! White would just get too dirty!
  8. Another vote for black here. With white, you might experience color transfer from the Hampstead's red lining.
  9. I think white would look good. It's so feminine and fun. But either color would be great!
  10. Black for sure...the lining has been know to rub off on the MC white....even the SA says so....
  11. i love the white!!! i think the white would look great with that bag....and definatly other bags as well....white to me works better with more than black does!
  12. The pomme zippy would match better with the red lining of the bag too I'm a bit unsure of the mc and damier combo
  13. MC White.
  14. Totally agree, bagluvluv. Actually, I don't like any of the mc accessories with damier. I would stick with a damier wallet or pomme vernis.
  15. my sentiments exactly. i actually have the black mc zippy and i love it but w/ a hampstead, i think the pomme vernis is a stunner. but if you have your heart set on the mc zippy...i say black. the white would get dirty soooooo easily.