What? Matelesse with SHOULDER STRAP? Can it be?

  1. Look at this photo - a matelasse with a chain/leather shoulder strap!!! I found this pic somewhere in pf in a discussion about blues and teals... As you can see there's no whipstitching on the handles, just like some of the quilted bags we saw in those sample photos (here and ateliernaff), but it also has a STRAP???? Does anyone know if this bag exists? Or will exist? Any info appreciated.

  2. I believe CeeJay got that bag by accident~ but she returned it! Ask her?
  3. That is one hot bag!! :drool:
  4. Zac ... you are ABSOLUTELY 100% correct!!! I HATED this bag!!

    First of all, the picture is deceiving because it looks larger than it is (although I've been told that there is a Weekender size in this style). The size was the same as the BOX ... which is WAY TOO SMALL for me!

    Secondly, it was BORING! Unlike the more recognizable Motorcycle-style Matelasse (which I LOVE), this bag has the quilting in the front and back ... and that's it ... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ... oh, I woke up again! It's just a big nothing with a HUGE price tag!!

    Mine was in the Rouge Vif color ... and yes, the color was beautiful ... but it got returned the NEXT DAY! It has subsequently been replaced by a '06 Blue India Weekender (yes - I will take pics soon) ... however, after seeing some of the pics of the '07 Vert D'eau ... I'm sorry that I didn't get that color instead. Oh well ...
  5. ew, the box would be too small, and I thought that was the back of the bag! But I do wish they'd add a strap to the quilted bags. Oh well!
  6. CeeJay, you always crack me up with your post. :roflmfao: I love reading your post. It's always so amusing. :p:love: