what matches my wallet?

  1. I am curious to know what matches my new COACH ERGO SIGNATURE SCARF ENVELOPE WALLET ? is there a tote or something?? i wanted to know so I know if I should return the carly for it thanks everyone!

  2. There's a LE cross body belted ergo (?) w/ a pink scarf that tanukiki and candac3mari3 have...very pretty! It's supposed to go w/ that wallet I think.
  3. Yes, that hippie bag matches it that was posted yesterday. I think it matches most Coach bags.. looks great with the Carly, leather bags, siggy bags, etc! :tup:
  4. did anyone see any hippie bags on eBay I couldnt find any
  5. Top handle pouch 40851
  6. And the compact clutch wallet 40844
  7. thanks thats cute I would like that if it was a little bigger
  8. I wonder if they made a matching wristlet for this collection to
  9. omg.. its sooo cute.. lol I want it haha which one my large carly or this one?? its cuteeee
  10. and thank you very much for finding it for me your awesome!
  11. I wonder what color the inside of the bag is ?? brown maybe pink??
  12. the bag looks to be sold out...
  13. the inside is pink