What Mascara do you use?

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  1. Hello all. I just want to know what mascara do you all wear or did you just buy.

    I wear and just bought Rimmel Lash Maxx and I love it.:heart:
  2. I'm rotating between Shu Uemura Fiber X Tension Mascara and Diorshow.
  3. Erm, this is what I currently have in rotation: Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Black, Bourjois Yes to Volume No to Clumps, Maybelline Lash Discovery, Avon Supershock, Revlon Fabulash, Almay Intense I-color Mascara, Diorshow original, Palgantong D-Cup, Too Face Lash Injection... I think that's it :shame:
  4. Diorshow original formula for me.
  5. I have that Avon Supershock too I dont really like it.
  6. I use MAC prep and prime then MAC plush lash
  7. Diorshow, Dior Blackout
  8. I loved it the first couple times I used it and then suddenly it started doing strange things :confused1:
  9. Chanel Inimitable, and i also use Max Factor at times.
  10. L'Oreal Voluminous Waterproof in Black. The stuff is great. It's like wearing false lashes and the lashes stay separated. My mom actually thought I was wearing false lashes when she first saw it on me.
  11. ^ I also have the L'Oreal one. Brilliant!
  12. DiorShow Black in Waterproof is awesome, prior to I always used Bourjouis Black Waterproof, thats pretty good as well.
  13. :heart: Diorshow


    :heart: Diorshow Unlimited


    :heart: Lancome Hyponse

  14. Diorshow Blackout and somtimes Lancome Hypnose or Lancome Fatale.
  15. Big Lash :biggrin: