What marks a new bag?

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  1. So I was wondering what motivates you to buy a new bag? I have noticed that if my husband has to work long hours and I'm stressed taking care of kids , the house and my business I almost use a new bag as a distraction... Something to look forward to when life is getting me down. since I have three kids under 5 my collection has grown quite quickly as stress is a daily thing lol...I have started to notice though that I don't get the same giddy feeling I used to get... I think I got so many bags now it's not really an exciting experience. I usually sell one of my old bags too when I get a new one so I'm not spending thousands on bags each month lol. I got an Ebene speedy for christmas last year but I soon saw something I liked better so off it went lol. I remember my first LV and stalking the tracking and being soooo excited and proud. I even got a couple Chanel to up the ante per say lol...

    So why do you buy? Special occasions ? Stressed out and need a pick me up? Reward for accomplishments?
  2. My first LV was a reward for finishing my Master's Degree,y second was for finishing my Specialist, i also got a Gucci!!! I do tend to have spurts where I feel I need a new bag, and I've noticed I always buy in twos.
  3. i used to buy some bags on a whim, but ended up regretting some of the purchases.
    Since then I have learned my lesson and only buy a bag after thinking about it for a week or so. Some of the LVs I have were bought on special occasions, a way for me to celebrate.
  4. My most recent LV purchases are a 30th birthday gift to myself. I'll always remember "I got this bag when I turned 30" lol :smile:
  5. I have a vintage bag from a relative. I have been wanting a Neverfull for many years, but actually forgot about it for a while. Now that I'm an adult (and no longer a teenager) I'm saving up to buy it. I'm banking my money and then when a special occasion rolls around it'll happen for me. I'll have enough money by November, but I'm not going to run out and spend it all the minute I get it. The three possible times I'll get the bag this year are either December, February or June.

    I love designer clothes/shoes/purses etc. but I'm not crazy about collecting, so once I buy the Neverfull that'll be it for many years, I'm sure. I may acquire other designer goods, but I'm not a purse collector.
  6. Company bonuses on all those hours number crunching. I feel like I deserve it.
  7. This too! I bought my first speedy with my work bonus :smile:
  8. Usually buy when there's an occasion (e.g accomplishing goal of debt-free life, birthday,etc)

    Then there's the occasional overtimes at work that I get to purchase things for myself.
  9. bday / wedding anniv gift. but I usually get it months in advance. or just because I like it, no occassion.
  10. As my husband (usually) says, "you work hard. You deserve it."

    When he doesn't say that, he thinks I've been rewarding mahself a bit too much. lol.