What makeup essentials do you carry with you in your purse everyday to survive?

  1. I apologize in advance if this has already been posted. I did a search and did not find anything so I thought it was safe to post.

    Anyhow, I was wondering what everyday essentials you guys carry in your cosmetic bag. Im not talking about everything you have at home in drawers, train cases, etc, but just whats in your makeup bag that you stick in your purse.

    In short, what do you carry with you to survive (read: look beautiful) all day?

    I typically have in my cosmetic case the following:

    pressed powder
    eyebrow powder and brush
    lip liner and lip gloss
    oil blotter sheets
    liquid eyeliner
    eyeshadow (the shade that I am wearing that particular day)

    * I need all this stuff because my makeup fades by mid-day.

    So I was wondering, am I carrying too much or not enough in comparison to other ladies?

    Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!
  2. I am a product junkie so I made a firm rule not to carry anything that doesn't fit in my little Chanel beaute pouch. It's the size of a large Coach wristlet with a little more give in the width. I carry in it:

    mini Chanel eye makeup remover
    mini Chanel precision facial lotion
    hair tie
    Body Shop facial bronzing powder
    Lancome eye shadow quad
    Chanel inimitable mini mascara
    Chanel rouge intensite long wear lipstick in rose garnet
    CO Bigelow rose salve (I use it every day on my cuticles and it keeps my nails looking fresh)

    Floating around in my handbag are at least 5 lip glosses:
    Chanel glossimer in Blizzard (most beautiful gloss color ever...)and Hibiscus
    Lancome color fever gloss in hot number
    Chanel mini glossimer set with mini mirror: Unity, Spark and Pin Up
    Juicy Tubes in Caramel Glaze

    As you can tell I love my lip glosses.
    Also I carry a mini bottle of Chanel Chance lotion for my hands and a bottle of water, because regular water drinking helps keep one beautiful and healthy!
  3. foundation
    whatever eye liner and eye shadow(s) i used for that day
    bath and body works lotion
    extra hair ties

    I need to add a file and tweezers :p I sometimes bring my eye lash curler.
  4. eyelash curler...lip gloss...mascara... you say ESSENTIALS i could survive on those 3 minimum :p
  5. I bring so many products with me! It cant all fit in one makeup pouch:

    - Chanel Lip Hydration Stick
    - Chanel Mattifying Fluid
    - Chanel Inimitable Waterproof Mascara
    - Sally Hansen Nail Hardener
    - Chanel Glossimer - Blizzard
    - Chanel Khol Liner - Charcoal
    - Chanel Camelias Lip Palette
    - Mirror
    - Hair ties
    - Chanel Blemish Gel
    - Nail File
  6. Thumbs up to blizzard!!! :heart: my fave
  7. I always carry Smashbox lipgloss, Chapstick in my makeup purse. I only put on eye makeup in the morning and no need to retouch in the afternoon.
  8. My -
    La Mer Lip Balm
    Chanel Pressed Powder (oil and shine reducer)
    sometimes Mascara

    I don't wear a lot of makeup so I don't have a need for too many things
  9. Bobbi Brown lip gloss and Tarte cheek stains.
  10. I started carrying a little makeup bag with me, even though i rarely use it while im out:
    I carry
    kohl pencil - at the moment Chanel
    YSL touche eclat
    1 dior lip gloss and 1 chanel lip gloss
    kiehls #1 lip balm
    hand cream
    if i have used a lip pencil that day then i would carry it
    depending on the day I also carry Nars Orgasm blush and brush
  11. Just my lipgloss
  12. I bring my coach beauty case and oddly it only has lipglosses in it. Oh and a spare bronze BB Eyeshadow and mascara. Just in case I'm ever caught without it!
  13. usually just a lip gloss or lip balm, which i rarely use or even remember to bring.
  14. I never leave the house without:

    MAC Blot pressed powder
    Smashbox lip/lid primer
    two shades of lipstick
    lip brush
    lip pencil
    Fresh Sugar lip balm
    Nars Orgasm blush
    blush brush
    Clinique Superbalm moisturizing gloss
  15. Mac Eyeliner
    Chanel Lipliner
    Chanel Glossimer