What makeup counter should I take 20 yr old for a light makeover?

  1. She said she'd like to learn to apply a little makeup without looking "made up". She tends to dress "tomboy" but expressed a desire to go girly-LOL.:flowers: I'd like to find a free makeover and spring for a product or two.

    I've gifted her some nice eye and lip basics and a set of good brushes. She mostly needs to know what to do with them.
    She has that beautiful 20 year old skin so she only needs a dab of this and that.

    Anyone have an opinion on who to approach? I guess our choice would be Macy's now. Or...does Sephora do this? I'm thinking Clinique but appreciate hearing your thoughts. Even if you're not obligated, are you generally expected to buy at least a little something after a makeover? And how much should I budget (a range). Thanks!
  2. whatever you do DON'T take her to MAC! :lol:

    I think Clinique is a good place to start. They have very light shades and a good basic skin care line.
  3. for 'natural' looking makeup and very knowledgeable SA's I'd go straight to Bobbi Brown.
  4. i'd go with either bobbi brown or clinique since they emphasize more natural makeup and skin care. plus, bobbi brown actually wrote a makeup application book for teens/young adults.
  5. The trendy place for younger girls is M.A.C. which is at Macys.

    When I was 20 I thought Clinique was for 'old people' but now I swear by it.

    I don't think it's necessary to buy something, but probably appreciate by the SAs...even if it's a lipstick.

    If you're planning on getting 'everything' you could be around $100 or even more.

    I would make sure she gets the essential products though....Clinique is pretty good for that (you can get their whole 3-step program for around $50-60)...cleaner, toner, moisturizer.
    I would advise her to get the essential cleaning stuff, and a couple of light things from M.A.C......like possibly a lipstick, powder, eye shadow, etc. I wouldn't spend a bunch in case she doesn't like it :smile:

    I'm not a makeup guru...but I hope that helps a little.
  6. lol everyone is anti-MAC....I just see the young girls there ALL the time at Macys and Bloomies.
  7. I'm not against MAC. I buy some of their stuff. But she was looking for something light - so I think thats why we were steering her away from there so she doesn't go home looking like bozo the clown. j/k
  8. I'd say that Sephora is a great place to start. They have a wide selection of brands and products and have nice sales people that are willing to help.

    KitsKats, you are the sweetest mom! My mom took me to Bobbi Brown for my first makeover (Junior Prom) and I still have the brushes!
  9. I hear ya bag...I'm 28 and I wouldn't go near MAC....too much for me! The young girls seem to love it though :smile:
  10. LOL I third the stay away from MAC advice. MAC and natural are not two words that belong in the same sentence.

    Clinique is a good counter to go to for a natural looking makeover. They were the first non-CVS type place I bought makeup from.
  11. :shame: aw gee, thanks...I'm her stepmom :heart: and I got very lucky- she's a sweet kid. Fun to spoil once in a while. She just ditched the wrong dude (finally!) and we went for the ceremonial haircut together :biggrin: and then we got got her a few things she deemed "hot" so she can glam it up and feel better.

    Now, if anyone has a nice young man near the 508 area code...

  12. my friend got a makeover at Bobbi Brown,and she loved it!. If she likes light colors ect she should go to clinique!. I love MAC's things but the colors might be to drastic for her.
  13. Bobbi Brown is great if you want really natural looking. I found her products don't have too much staying power though. I swear by Clinique. Great products, great prices, and just a touch of color for everyone. Alot of their stuff is hypo-allergenic too and that's great for young skin. Well, and old skin too!!!
  14. well i'm also a 20 year old that just ditched the wrong guy and wanted a light makeover, but i did exactly the opposite of what y'all are telling her to do - i went to MAC! although they make a huge variety of colors, they make some great natural-colored products as well. i don't like to look made up, and i've never been a regular makeup-wearer, but they've turned me in to one and i've gotten lots of compliments on how nice i look. i went to a MAC stand-alone store instead of the MAC counter in a department store, the girl that helped me was super knowledgable. she even found a mascara for me without rose oil, which was apparently the ingredient in mascara that always bothered me (i didn't know what it was, i just described the effect and she knew).

    so i think MAC is a great choice because they focus on young girls; as long as she explains that she doesn't want to be overly made up, i don't think she'll have a problem there. i was a makeup novice, but the techniques the girl used were easy to replicate and i feel like i can effectively recreate the look she gave me.
  15. Bare Escentuals!! Not only is it natural looking, but it will give her a great start to a lifetime of HEALTHY makeup (and sun protection!!)