What makeup brand do you use and why?

  1. When I was younger (highschool) I never wore makeup. Now that I have joined the professional world I notice I am wearing makeup everyday. I tend to buy my makeup from Target. And guess what.. it sucks. Finally I am ready to spend some money on a makeup line but I am at a loss for which I should try. Which ones do you ladies suggest and why? TIA! :idea:
  2. A lot of the lines are all made by the same manufacturer..or so I've been told: estee lauder, Bobbi Brown. I use several different kinds...the two I just mentioned but mostly Dior and Lancome. There's a site: www.makeupalley.com I think is the name that has a lot of helpful advice. Good luck.
  3. Thanks for the link!
  4. Ohhhhh...I use that site ALL the time!!!!! I mostly use Bare Escentuals for foundation/powder/eye shadows, Chanel for blush, MAC for lip glosses and lipsticks (they're SO creamy and moisturizing!!!!), and Bobbi Brown for gel eye liner (it stays on ALL day). I don't buy any cosmetics at drug stores. I learned that department stores have much better quality!
  5. I really like the Dior makeup! They have really pretty colors and stay on nicely.

    If I don't have time, I just use Dior Skinflash...it's great to cover up my dark circles. I love their mascara too!
  6. Giorgio Armani. handsdown.

    Best foundation. Best lipsticks [with the exception of Chanel's Rouge Allure]. Blushes and Bronzers are totally buildable.

    gahhhhh i love this line so much.

    i use all their products.
  7. i check everything on makeupalley before i buy it. you can find some excellent stuff at the drugstore (ie mascara...they're all the same to me and since it should be replaced fairly often, spending 20+ dollars on it isn't where i want my money to go every month) :smile:

    mineral foundation is amazing (i use philosophy's supernatural, but most people use bare minerals). bobbi brown has great neutral colors and good foundation if you are warm toned...if you're cool toned STAY AWAY. if you're super pale laura mercier will rock your world...it's the only line i've found with foundation/bronzer/blush the right shade. mac has good fun colors, chanel has great glosses.

    i reccommend sephora if you have one near you. their SA/makeup artists are trained to pick from every line, not just the one they work for. you'll get the best thing for YOU, not the best thing from the line.

    good luck!
  8. Bare Minerals rocks! Especially if you have sensitive skin or eyes. Takes a while to get the hang of but is definately worth it.
  9. I use MAC for most things (except foundation and mascara). I love the quality of the products, the staying power once I put them on, variety of shades and the price is not too bad. For foundation I use Stila and mascara is Dior.
  10. After having worked at Holt Renfrew in cosmetics forever...

    Nars for Pigmented Stuff - Blushes, Eye Colour - the best pigment I've EVER worked with, by far. However, it's not for the makeup-challenged or beginners. It's potent, you must respect the power. :roflmfao:

    Laura Mercier for Foundations - I've just found the best luck with this line - her foundations strike a nice balance between cool warm and inbetween skin tones. Plus, the multiple formats for each colour certainly make it adjustable to all skin types.

    YSL for their Mascara - Faux Cils - TERRIFIC! However, you must get past the nasty arss rose fragrance they put in EVERYTHING (including the Clay Masque - ummm... strange) and their Touch D'Eclat. I could sell that to a blind homeless man it works so well.
  11. i use bare escentuals mineral powder because they're light and gives me good natural coverage. i love dior's dior show mascara because it gives me long full lashes.
  12. i love everything NARS...
  13. I love Bare Escentuals. I'm an avid collector of their products. However, I also use MAC and Dior.
  14. i'm a 100% MAC fanatic. because they make their foundation and powder in a cool version and a warm version for each color, you can really get the exact color that you need for your skin. they've got the BEST selection of eye and lip colors, you can take your look in any direction that you want, plus i love that you can make custom eye palletes so that you don't have a ton of tiny eyeshadow cases flying around your bag. their stuff is really reasonably priced for what you get, i don't feel like i'm getting ripped off when i buy their stuff (honestly, if i buy dior or chanel, i feel like i'm getting taken).

    if you go to an actual MAC store, the SAs are really great about helping you try new things and color combinations that you wouldn't have thought of, and they know their products exceptionally well. my SA (Simone at the Atlanta store - she's great!) even helped me find mascara without rose oil so it wouldn't make my eyes burn. my mom bought some Laura Mercier makeup from and SA that used to be with MAC when i was first using their products, and she assured me that i really couldn't go wrong and that MAC was the best line that she had ever worked with.

    i'm a huge fan :smile:
  15. MakeupAlley is a great source of information!

    I like several of the Neutrogena products -- the new moisturizer is really light and not greasy at all. The lipgloss comes in great colors and isn't too sticky.

    Chanel blush is lovely but Revlon Skinlights are also great.

    I like Bobbi Brown shadows and gel eyeliner.

    My all time favorite lip product is Laura Mercier lipstains in Just Lips.

    I really mix and match!!