What makeup bag/cosmetics case dou you use in your Speedy?

  1. I am wondering bc I am thinking of getting the poche toilette 26, but I am not sure if it is too big to fit inside a Speedy 30 or 35.:confused1:

  2. i don't have a LV one. i use a juicy couture wristlet for my makeup and stuff like that...
  3. I use the pochette cosmetiques
  4. MC wapity
  5. i have a makeup pouch from Sephora, it holds quite a bit. I have the Damier Cosmetic pouch on my wish list
  6. I also use the Pochette Cosmetique. I have a Speedy 30.
  7. i have a le sport sac one in my speedy 30. the fabric holds up really well, and it was (relatively) inexpensive so i don't worry about ruining it with makeup stains.
  8. I have the toilette 26 and it does fit in my speedy 30. When I ordered it from eluxury I did not realize how big it was compared to the 19 size. I thought about returning it but I have used it as a clutch and it does fit inside the speedy 30 and in my montsouris backpack. Plus I use it when I travel and now I use it every morning for my makeup, still have not unpacked since my last trip.
  9. i use my tokidoki from le sportsac.... i love love love it.....
    i'll post pics later
  10. I put my mono pochette in my speedy 25 and it does alright...also my Coach wristlet too :balloon:
  11. I use a hello kitty cosemetic case:shame: , or my lilac juicy clutch or my coach wristlet. It depends on what kind of makeup I am hauling around.
  12. I use my leopard calf hair and purple suede COACH wristlet...I purchased it a couple years ago and besides LV I just love it! It's quite big too.
  13. Cute makeup bags, everyone!!

    I am so glad to hear that the Poche 26 fits in the Speedy:smile:
  14. I use the poche 19 in my speedy.