What makes your curls stay??

  1. I've got hair that doesn't like to stay curly. I've tried everything.. hairspray, gel, moose, different curlers..

    I've heard about shampoos that help your hair stay curly and natural. Do those work? Last week I purchased an item from Victoria's Secret and it was said to help my hair stay curly. Haven't tried it yet because I haven't had an occasion to do so yet.

    Anyone got any products that work??
  2. is ur hair naturally curly, permed or styled curly? when i had permed hair, i just used deep moisturizing shampoo and conditioner with a hair mask for curly hair, then i would use styling milk on my wet hair and voila, curl stayed. now that im back to straight hair, when i use a curling iron, then i would prepare my hair w/ a curling serum, and spray a voluminizing hair spray while the curling iron is still on, curl stayed for all night long. =) hope it helps!

  3. my hair is natrually straight. which curling serum do you use?? do u use the volumizing hair spray before or after the curl??
  4. I use Aussie's double personality cream. I'm not sure it will work on your hair given that it's naturally straight, mine is curly as hell. I wish it weren't!!
  5. I have the same problem as you! :sad: My hair is super straight.
    Whenever I curl it, it goes flat by the end of the day.
  6. lucky u that it flattens by the end of the day!! my curls are out after less than an hour!!
  7. I use the curling spray from L'oreal before I use the curling iron or curlers, and it does help my hair stay for most of the day before it flattens. But I ended up getting a perm to have that natural wavy look to avoid the hassle of using the curling iron each morning.
  8. My hair only holds curl if it's a little dry. If I'm going to curl it, I skip conditioner and I use an alcohol based hairspray. For awhile I was using Artec spray that had oil in it and my hair wouldn't stay curled. Basically, I have to avoid anything that makes my hair silky if I'm going to curl it. It also helps to wait until the day after it's washed, because my hair feels so slippery when it's clean...
  9. i used pantene heat protector serum (sth like that) for curly hair b4 i curl it, it reduces frizziness and protects my hair. then i would use a curling iron to curl my hair, and while im still holding the iron on my hair, i spray volumizing hairspray onto, lightly. it's from got2b, sexy hairspray it's called. then remove the curling iron, let the curls stay tight. after u finished with all the hair, relax the curl a bit and voila! it stays! =) for a better hold, spray all over, but not too much so the curls can still bounce up and down.