What makes you loyal to coach?

  1. Just wondering what makes you loyal to the coach brand?

    All go first, I bought my first coach bag about 9 years ago and fell in love. There quality is outstanding, and all of my bags have held up wonderfully! I also realized that I like carrying a bag that wasn't so expensie that im afraid to do anything to it. I have a lot of highend designer bags that I end up worrying so much that im gonna get them dirty that I can't enjoy them as much as I should be. With coach I feel like I have a nice quality bag that didn't break the bank. There customer service is fantastic too. Anyone else feel this way?
  2. My mother has been collecting coach purses my whole life. i hate her. her collection is huge. she told me i could have some handmedowns. i love her. lol...

    the jealousy is outragous. if you saw her purses, you'd know. at one point, her walkin closet, which is up a few stairs, more like a walk in attic that was in very safe condition for leather goods, was overflowing with purses.

    recently, after finding and falling in love with this forum, i called her up. she and i dont' get along much, but that day, it was like we were best friends. i told her that when i come to visit her, i was going to bring a few extra bucks, in hopes that i could purchase some bags off of her that she doesn't use anymore. i also told her that she could dole anything else out that she wasn't using at all and didn't care for anymore. i know she has a few fairly old Sigz and she HATES signatures sooooo, i'm so psyched to see what she's got. it's bonding time mommy, break out them coachies.

    when i asked her what she was carrying she cooly replied "Dooney & Bourke at the moment, why?"

    no reason mom, i just spent 150 dollars on a 265 dollar bag aren't you proud? (the grey platinum in my signature) i haven't told her yet lol... i'm sure she'd yell at me to "save" but whatever. maybe i can snag one of those too... but Coach is delicious, and there is nothing to it. i know what a BIG BIG BIG coach collection looks like, and am determined to have one before i die... i'm so doomed lol

  3. Bliss you are lucky, my Mom buys one bag a year, usually a "Sak" or Stone Mountain...Nothing I would ever want her to leave me....lol
  4. I got my first Coach a couple of months ago and sadly did not feel it. It is one of the reversible with canvas and I am bringing it back tomorrow. Why did that happen? I fell dragged wearing something that was not me!! And I love Coach. I guess, I am into something else, maybe the leather, more classy. Help me out guys, I need directions!
  5. I love my Coach because the quality is good the price is not bad and it will last forever. I like other bags but my Coach are my standard and sometimes when I hold a purse that is over 800.00 or more I see flaws and for me if I;m paying that much I should not see a flaw or stitch out of place. I will not say my Coach are perfect but they are real close. I only carry the leather and to me Coach has great leather bags.
  6. customer service, plain and simple.
  7. Liberal repair policy.
  8. customer service and repair. both are EXCELLENT.

    also, what someone above me said about not having to baby my bags. of course, i still take very good care of them, but i can enjoy them without being TOO anal.
  9. Quality and customer service is good. They stand behind their products...with no (or little) question asked. Makes it easily worth the money.
  10. Customer Service is simply outstanding. I love going in there and being able to talk to my SA about anything. :heart: I also love being invited to those Winter season and Spring season previews at the shops and coupon events...even though I don't go [No time! Quel dommage!]. And I love how they will go the extra mile to find a bag that was currently sold out at the time EVERYWHERE. [They found me one in time for my birthday though, so I was extremely thankful and happy. :smile:] So basically I love Coach. This is what make me a loyal customer.

  11. :yahoo: this is one of my favorite things to do! Something that i rarely get in any other retail business (except maybe vuitton, going so far as to recommend neiman across the street for the item i wanted....i guess they have access to their inventory? or she just shops there and knows too?!)

    even though i do not see any in jax, i still try to look around in other stores, i know if a customer has gotten that far to asking she must really want it.
  12. i don't think i'd feel a reversable anything, honstly...

    coach for me is all about the quality. my mother has obsessively good taste, and coach won her over, i followed close behind. my first coach was a TINY little pouch purse, which i will attach a picture so you know what i mean by tiny :p it's hot, i love it, and it's made so well! the signature and GOLD... is really not me, somehow tho, i fell in love.

    i know you like a larger purse, and if you are to really be happy with coach you'd probably need to spend a prettier penny then i'd be able to afford! my mom handed the big black coach tote down to me and it was 400 bucks, so pfffffft on my wallet if i ever bought that, that's almost as much as my rent! if you can afford the Coach bags, i suggest them, but then again, we already talked about this didn't we :p

    :wlae: :yahoo: don't forget to show me what you get tomorrow! :yahoo: :wlae:
  13. ms-whitney, I wish you were in California so we can do business together! If my SA isn't there, I look around, make small talk with the other SA's, leave, and come back when he's back. I've purchased about 10 handbags and some number of accessories from my current SA ever since 2005 [but longed for Coach since 2004]. So he knows what I like and what I don't like. He'll make almost-near-perfect suggestions too. :heart:

    I agree that LV has outstanding service as well. My SA went beyond the edges of this world to get me a Pomme D'Amour Coeur before Valentine's Day.
  14. For me, their style is simple and classic, and the prices are very reasonable.
  15. Everything... The products are well made, SA are always so friendly and will go out of their for you, They stand behind their products. And I just love the look of most of what they make. Their products are affordable. And a bargain for what you get compared to other designer brands.