What makes you look your best???

  1. Some fabulously important event is on the horizon (i.e. you have been invited to a dinner where you are seated next to Brad Pitt, you will be seeing your ex that told you you could never do any better, etc....), what is hanging in your closet, that makes you feel like a Superstar?? What are you wearing head to toe??? And don't forget the handbag...we all know we're not fully dressed without our bag!!! Mine is: Jeans and a beautiful Cavalli top that my DH bought me for my b-day. My LV gold pompeii platform shoes, and my gold Fendi baguette. Even if no one else thinks it, when I wear this outfit, I feel hot,hot,hot!!!
  2. Wow, just by your description, I think that outfit sounds great! Post some pics... your bag and shoes sound TDF!!
  3. Thanks Littlepanda....next time I wear it...I'll ask DH to take my pic!! Now what are you wearing????(not right now...that sounds a little kinky:graucho: ...but on your big night??)
  4. Oh, and to answer your question... hmm...

    White cardigan
    Cute pink top
    Black knee-length skirt
    Pointy-toe flats or slingback heels
    LV purse

    I think I need to go shopping and buy some better clothes. My outfit sounds so boring and grannyish. Yet, I hate showing skin. (I even wear cardigan sweaters when it's like 30C/90F outside) I think when I'm dressed conservatively and simply is when I feel the best. Maybe it's time for a change.. I should go buy some gold shoes and a sexy top or something. :biggrin:
  5. :roflmfao: you're too funny! Your big night outfit sounds so glamorous.. I think I need to start a thread about giving me fashion advice :amuse:
  6. To each his own!!! Wouldn't it be boring if we all dressed the same!! I think your outfit sounds great...I love the pencil skirt, and the pointy shoes!!! I am seeing it right now!
  7. Hm, actually the black skirt is a bit fuller than a pencil skirt, but that gives me a good outfit idea for tomorrow :smile: I've got the cutest pencil skirt I could wear, it's been sitting in my closet for a while now... :idea:

    Do you have any more good ideas I could borrow? :biggrin:
  8. something demure, sophisticated.
  9. My favorite black pant suit with Lagerfeld clutch and high heels!:love:
  10. I have these amazing trouser jeans.. wide leg with flap pockets on the back.. and I wear them with black pointed toe heels, a whited 3/4 length linen blazer and a black cowl neck sweater paired with my fabuleux new Burberry bag.
    I love that outfit.
  11. Sounds great!!! I :heart: hearing how different everyone's tastes are!!!
  12. I haven't really needed to start dressing more maturely yet, as I haven't entered the "real" job market, so my favourite is just about anything with my Lululemon yoga pants. They make my bum look so nice ! :shame::biggrin:
  13. My short, low cut, BCBG dress :love: with killer stiletto heels. It always makes me feel so sexy. :yes:
  14. Yay for the short, low cut, BCBG dress!!! I bet you look HOT!!!

  15. My boyfriend seem to think so :graucho: