What makes you decide to part with a bag?

  1. I'm torn. I don't see myself reaching for my bbags as much in coming years so I'm tempted to part with them now while they still hold some value, but it's a tough decision. I don't want to regret it later.

    I'm not trying to shill so please don't take it that way. I'm looking for honest opinions.
  2. I know, I was thinking of selling one of mine but watched a few auctions and same bag same color sold for a LOT less than what I paid so I'm just keeping it. I noticed that it depends on what color the bbag is? I was very disappointed. I paid 1K and the same bag 1 year later sold for $600. Same bag in a tan color (not sure what name) sold for 800 and in black sold for $700! I guess if I was going to rebuy in a different color, a used bag, it would be worth it - sort of like trading it in? But back to your original question, I guess if you are not using it thats the time to part with it.
  3. Simple; if I am not wearing it. I recently let go of some of my favorite bags because I just could not bare to wear them (however I liked placing them on shelves and touchin them from time to time).

    Yes, I have bought, sold and then re-purchased the same bag before; then I knew it was meant to be that I owned and carried that particular bag.
  4. I sell my bags if there is a new color or style I'd rather have, and don't see myself carrying my old bag as much as I used to; or if at all.
  5. Lack of practicality, if they've turned into "closet dwelling" bags, & the :heart: for it isn't there anymore.
  6. if its been in my closet for a few months and i'm short on funds or craving a new bag.
  7. Nothing. I can't let go. If someone was holding my cat hostage I might make a trade. Other than that, I keep my bags.
  8. If I get a bag and all it does is sit for weeks rather than being worn, then it's probably going to wind up being sold to get something I will use more.
  9. t i was thinking about selling my vert d'eau first for a while b/c i thought it was too small, but now i have been using it everyday for a week and want another first.

    i'm sure in a month i'll be thinking about selling it again b/c it's too small and then in another month i'll think my cities are too big :wacko: ...so basically i'm too scared to sell any of my bbags now

    but i think if you've forgotten you own a certain bbag it's time to sell it b/c obviously it's just collecting dust :p
  10. :roflmfao: you MIGHT make a trade for your cat?
  11. I do the same thing, lol. Depending on what day of the week it is I want it, I want to sell it, I want it!
  12. i have the same delimma too...i am so in love w/ bal now and i have my LV sitting in my closet for more than a year now. it's a very sturdy bag just felt i might need it one day. but at another hand...i need the cash badly....
  13. DITTO and money is a issue for me also. These bags are too expensive to be sitting in the closet just because i like the color or the leather and have no use for them.
  14. If I have to many choices I don't use them. My goal is to have under 6 that are in rotation, if I get one in the same color family, I will let the other one go. (I'm pretty fickle though, if I have two different styles in the same color family it won't count ;) ) I would say if you don't use it every couple of months, it's time to let it go.
  15. Yes I did the same thing just last week w/my LV. Where I work someone admired it, I said I'm thinking of selling it. When she realized how much she said forget it! Then I opened my big mouth, I could do layaway. She said she would think about it. Few days later I kind of changed my mind, felt like a jerk. But she has not said a word about it since so thats good cuz now I want it, lol