What makes you choose RH over GH? and vice versa?

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RH or GH?

  1. Sapphire Day with RH

  2. Sapphire Day with Giant Silver

  3. Marine City with RH

  4. Marine City with Silver Hardware

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I am going nuts as to what hardware to choose. I have a limit of 2 bags this month (i just bought 2 goyards last May).

    I don't want to have the same color in any style.

    I am going for a Sapphire Day and a Marine City.

    So help me choose what hardware would go with what bag.

    Please give me your reasons for your choice of hardware too!

  2. I think the Sapphire Day should be SGH and the Marine City should be RH.

    Sapphire just glows with the SGH, and IMO I think the day looks better in GH than RH
    Marine is dark enough to be an everyday type of bag, plus I think the City looks better in RH than GH. A simple bag, not blingy or anything, but in a accent color thats not boring black!

    Hope that helped!
  3. Personally I don't like the look on GH on bags. Plus the thing I love most about Bal is that it is an extremely light-weight bag, GH adds too much weight to it. Will definitely kill my shoulder.

    GH is hot on a CP or Clutch though ;)
  4. I really like the RH on the Day. The long tassles look nice on the longer style bag. Sapphire doesn't need any extra bling. I also like to add a small charm (like Juicy) to my bags that do not have giant hardware and I love how the charms look on the day. I voted RH Day. Great color choice.

    As for the City, I LOVE the GSH with the Marine. It's just my opinion, but I find Navy to be a more casual color. I tend to wear it with jeans and khakis. I also feel like the Giant hardware makes the bbags a bit 'splashier', a little less 'classic'. Perfect and fun for more casual bags. So I voted Giant hardware for the Marine City (I plan to get the Marine GSH Part-time). Plus, the silver looks great with the blue color.

    You really can't go wrong with those two bags in the colors you have chosen. If you can, see them in person. Sometimes one or the other will just 'call' to you. Good luck! Be sure to post photos once you decide.
  5. I voted for Sapphire Day w/GSH and Marine City w/RH because I prefer the look of day bags with GH and city bags with RH. :tup:
  6. I voted Marine city with RH. For me, I don't like the extra weight added by the GH. I also find the RH to be more classic and timeless which is how I dress. :flowers:
  7. i voted for RH in Saphire..sapphire is a very classy color..and personally i prefer rh over gh because gh is soo flashy as rh is more subtle and classy
  8. I voted for RH day. I personally don't like the city style, and I don't love GH. Easy choice for me :P so good luck!!
  9. I vote for Sapphire Day with SGH and Marine City with RH! I think the Day is a style that looks good with giant hardware, and the silver hardware complements the color of Sapphire. For the City, I believe that it looks better with RH than GH.
  10. I think Days are best with RH which suits the subtle draped shape.

    A City looks great with either but I think that SGH would bring out the Marine best.
  11. I voted Marine City with regular hardware, classic Balenciaga. I will never be a GH fan.:shrugs:
  12. ^^What Goyard's did you purchase? I'm lusting for one.

    So which way are you leaning on hardware now?
  13. I use to love RH over anything else but this season I feel the bags "POP" more with added hardware. The sapphire is a beautiful and as we know purple is the color for the fall and with having gaint silver hardware adds that extra something. I have yet to see a Marine but the 07 that I have seen blew me away in there Giant gold hardware. But overall it's your choice and I agree with Wanders advice to try and see them in person cause sometimes one bag does "call to you" more than the other. Post pixs of what u decide
  14. SGH Day & RH City gets the vote for me. The GH is well spaced on a Day & would not look too busy as it would on a City IMO. Then again, it's my personal preference. GL in your decision!
  15. Although I myself bought a Sapphire Day with RH, on hindsight I should have chosen GSH as it makes the Sapphire colour pop up more and lifts the whole look. However, I didn't want the silver to clash with the jewellery that I may be wearing as I am a stickler for not mixing up my metals.