What makes this brand excellent?

  1. Hi Ferragamo lovers...I have never owned a Ferragamo products so I am just curious how good they are.
    What do you love about this brand?
    I have only seen flats and shoes on other people and I love the look of it. Very classy.
    I also want to know the quality of their bag. Compare to LV are they more durable and are they more expensive?
    Thank you.
  2. I don't own any newer bags, but I have a vintage bag that is about 20 years old. The finish on the lamb needs to be redone, but the leather, seams, and structure are in excellent condition.

    Also, I do check out the bags at the boutique and have become friendly with an SA who admired my vintage piece, and he shared (quietly) he used to work for LV, and Ferragamo small leather goods (I was loving a wallet) hold up much better than LV as he sees a lot fewer returns/exchanges, very few he said.

    That's about all I know on quality. I love the leathers, seasonal colors, and classic lines. Took me a long time to discover that I prefer something more classic (I know, slow learner), but I do. And the variety of sizes and looks...just lovely.
  3. Thank you...
  4. One of my first Ferragamo bags was a canvas tote bought ages ago (6+ years) and it shows limited wear and tear, still holds its shape well. The lining is still great but for some pen marks that occurred. I now have about 10 Ferragamo bags and have found most of them to be durable.

    As for pricing, it really depends on which LV bag you're comparing the Ferragamos to. Also, Ferragamo does go on sale and you can pick up some pretty good buys.
  5. Thank you..
  6. Completely agree with the quality aspect, I haven't changed my ferragamo wallet in the past 4 years and I don't really have any desire to (and trust me, I am the kind of person who can't resist temptation and smell of new leather)

    It barely shows any sign of use and still look as gorgeous as it was few years ago.
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    The leather Ferragamo uses is really something else; super soft yet sturdy and durable. Craftsmanship wise, I would say that as a whole Ferragamos compare very favorably to Louis Vuitton. One of the aspects I like about Ferragamo over Vuitton is that it's not as loud with the branding. The only real trademark on most Ferragamo goods is the metal gancino whereas most Vuitton bags are covered in the LV monogram. Another point in Ferragamo's favor is that it's not counterfeited anywhere near as frequently.

    For the record, I own two Ferragamo bags and one Louis Vuitton vernis bag.
  8. I have ferragamo wallet, a mini bag and a pump. (All under 2years old)
    All are well taken care of and it still looks good as ever.
    Well there might be scratches on the wallet, but everything else is perfect!
    I like ferragamo particularly because of their style and not going to lie, i love the logo~
    My mini bag is calf skin and it is very sturdy and I can tell i am going to use it for another maybe 3-4 years and it would still look like new! :smile:

    About pricing, i am not very sure, but definitely Ferragamo is less common, which will make you more special, imo XD
  9. I only have shoes. I got the first pair not too long ago and now I have 5 ! Even my DH agrees that I should only buy them since they just look so nice and feel so comfy. Actually if you can get them when they are on sale, the price is pretty good considering the quality. Also you may find good deals in outlet stores.
  10. Thank you all for the input! Yes I went to Ferragamo store for the first time the other day and tried on their flats...man they are so nice and comfy. Making your feet looks even slim lol.
  11. Yes indeed, it does make your feet looks more refined for some reason xD
  12. I like Ferragamo for the style, quality of materials and construction. Funny, just 5 years ago, Ferragamo was known as the brand of old ladies. They had very stodgy designs. However, Ferragamo has really stepped it up and are appealing to all ages. They still have some conservative structured bags - and for that this old lady is thankful.
  13. I began buying Ferragamo over 25 years ago primarily because it was one of the few brands selling beautiful quality shoes in my size 10.5 AAA. I was told that Ferragamo prided themself in fitting every kind of foot. I have not bought in a long time but last time I was in the boutique on Rodeo, I was told that they have scaled back on sizes and no longer carry my size. I was disappointed. Fortunately, I loaded up at their sales and still have many beautiful pairs of their shoes. I also own 4 handbags and several SLG that are 10+ years old- I find the quality to be exquisite. Understated yet refined. I cannot speak to newer Ferragamo but vintage is great and I would put it above new LV and Chanel- maybe old Ferragamo is as good as new Hermes. Cannot go wrong with this brand.
  14. Ferragamo is known for their quality and classic look especially their shoes. They eventually branch out to other products such as: handbag etc. They also have superb customer service. Once you buy ferragamo shoes, you can go to them anytime if there is any problem. Over time their leather melt into your feet and the shoes become so comfortable as the time goes by.
  15. Thank you.