What makes this bag fake?

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  1. Hello all, i came across this fake bag and so i can extend my knowledge on the cerises collection, what makes this bag fake? would you clasify this bag as a good fake? i want to know because I am looking to buy a cerises speedy and i dont want to buy a fake bag so please help me understand what makes it a fake?

  2. first of all the cherries placement are wrong..it's not even come close to the real one..

    If you find the auction you are interested in, just post the link to Authenticate this thread, so we can check it out for you.
  3. I wanna get educated on this as well :smile:
  4. First of all, the cherries are covering the LV's. On an authentic bag the cherries would never cover the LV. Dead giveaway right there.
  5. And in the second picture the LV's are upside down
  6. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but don't all LV mono bags have upside down LVs b/c they are made from a continuous piece of canvas?

  7. Upside down Lvs are perfectly fine! The biggie with this bag is the cherries covering the LV logo.

  8. You are absolutely correct!
  9. OMG on that note: I swear people say all the time about speedies being fake because the LV's are upside down!?! :shrugs: Where did that originate?
  10. LOL Crystal! I wonder about that myself!
  11. they should be upside down, its a silk screening that is done on a Monogram bag. The speedy should have upside down LV's because its one piece of canvas.
  12. It came from the french co speedies in the 70's. They were made with 2 pieces of material and a seam at the bottom, so no LVs were upside down...so back then a sure sign of a fake was upside down LVs....

    God! I'm old..lol.
  13. People (in general, not targeting at anyone who posted in this thread) who just assume that bags with upside down LVs are fakes are just not educated enough about LV...I overheard today a girl comment on my papillon and how the LVs are all wrong and the straps are all wrong and blah blah blah..."it's definitely fake." YEAH, right.
  14. that's a great link, thanks!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.