What makes the Perfect Purse?

  1. I'm wondering what features in a bag draw you to a particular style or designer? Pockets - inside/outside? Handle style/length? Buckles, zippers, or snaps? As an 'indie' designer I am always trying to improve on my bags and your input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Gayle artbug-studio@blogspot.com
  2. Color! I love anything high in color and creativity. Why my coach bag is bright shocker pink and I own three tokidoki for lesportsac bags. And if asked if I feel childish, never! I just love standing out and I'm not afraid of color. I own one black Guess handbag and that's my most plain bag I own. Though having multiple pockets is a factor for me and the more creative the design the better. Also honestly how often I see the bag around. I do tend to stay away from the Luis Vuitton bags because I'm not fond of them and also because every woman my age on the island of O'ahu seems to own one or two. Tokidoki is also very popular but shows that I'm playful in my mind. Bottom line perfect purse is one I can look at over and over and over again and each time I do, I get that little happy warm feeling.
  3. Really great quality leather. Distressed is better in my perfect purse. Lots of pockets, especially on the outside for the cell phone and keys.
    Adjustable strap length is nice.
    And I like easy accessability. I like zipper or snap tops but hate when you have to unhook, flap over then uzip just to get into the main opening.
  4. lots of factor, quality leather, size (i love big size), quality hardware, patchwork, etc
    check my blogspot link to see which bag interest me :P
    hope i helps
  5. What makes the Perfect Purse?

    I'd say quality (that means durability), room, classic shape, user-friendly, timeless...
  6. I love big bags with a zipper and functionality. As long as they can be worn with lots of different outfits and have nice detailing, the bag's for me.
  7. Honestly...even with all the bags I have, I have yet to find the *perfect* purse. It's sad, really. There's a little something about all of them that'd I'd tweak a bit because it isn't handy or it could use another pocket, etc.
    But I love bright colors, pockets (you can never have enough lol) high quality material and the ability of the bag to not only stay a classic but to stay in near perfect condition even after using it for many years. I've found that in LV and Chanel so far and I love them.
  8. This is a must! If I am going to put out big bucks on a bag it MUST stand up to my abuse. This is partly what has been holding me back from getting my lovely Spy Bag. I am wary of the quality and durability.
  9. For me it would have to be (in this order)...
    1) Size - Something small and cute but not too small
    2) Price - Something I can afford
    3) Quality of the materials - Must have a decent lining as well
    4) Craftsmanship - Must be stitched together perfectly

    Lately I'm really into slouchy leather hobos...such as the ones by Juicy Couture.
  10. 1) hardware --- i like funky hardware
    2) durability of materials.. something that's easy to care for..
    3) easy access--- i like to be able to get in and out of my purse w/out fussing
    4) stitching
    5) multipurpose - i like day purses that i can wear as evening wear too

    This is why I :heart: chloe. :yes:
  11. I love the responses to my question about purse features. Very helpful in making decisions as to what to 'tweak' with my bags. I will be posting new pics on the blog soon. Inside views and other color combo's. artbug-studio.blogspot.com (I goofed on my original post with an @) Time to get to work - thanks again!