What makes or breaks an outfit?

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  1. When you see someone walking down the street that just looks so well put together...what do you think it is that gives them the 'wow' factor (where you kind of do a double take)? i.e. is it the shoes, the belt, the fit of the clothes, the bag, the hair...etc. etc.

    For me it's when I see someone with well done hair. I don't know what it is....it could be the illest fitting clothing and nothing matches...but the hair looks beyond fabulous (maybe it's because I HATE my hair and am jealous LOL)
  2. I think dirty or scuffed shoes are the outfit breaker. I don't care how well put together, if the shoes look worn out, the outfit loses its luster!!!!
  3. Bloody Crocs or Havianas.

    (That is Aussie-swear-word 'bloody' not covered-in-blood 'bloody')
  4. I think Havainnas are fine, but only if it's summer, and you're pairing it with some shorts and a vest. of course, one would never step out with crocs. it's the most disgusting invention of footwear since.

    A lot of things play a factor in making or breaking an outfit. I believe in good grooming (i.e. nails that aren't scruffy, hair that's neat and sexy, make up that is flattering and NOT overdone.), great shoes (no scruffy old torn shoes that have been clearly over worn), neatly pressed clothes (SAY NO TO CREASES!) and a great bag. Of course, accessories play a huge part too.

    Say, a tee with skinny jeans combo can be jazzed up with patent red heels, a long golden chain necklace with or without charms on it, and a nice watch.
  5. Defo hair and also good fitting clothes, nothing worse than clothes that are either way too tight or way too lose..a cute bag helps
  6. The right attitude to carry off the entire outfit!

    A girl could work a dressed down look with enough sass, but a person who's uncomfy with a designer-put-together outfit will just look really awkward which defeats the purpose of a rockin' look.
  7. Hate those shoes too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I th ink what makes or breaks an outfit is fit,..... and hair and makeup. I see lots of women in great looking clothes wearing too much make up and an outdated hair style.
    IMO, you just don't go to the trouble of dressing stylishly and then throwing your hair in a scruchie...... :shrugs:
  8. Especially for this time of the year and my weather, I think an outfit looks great when someone is wearing a great wool overcoat and leather gloves (mine are cashmire lined! :smile: )

    it's just so classy. even at eight in the morning.
  9. I agree w/ twiggers, hair is really important. :yes:
  10. One look that I HATE HATE HATE is a nice suit with good shoes and bag and a pony-tail.

    Not sleek, elegant tied up hair, an "I didn't feel like spending the 10 minutes to make my hair look decent" pony-tail:wtf:
  11. SHOES! Shoes make the look almost every time IMO.
  12. Make-up. I hate seeing a great outfit from head to toe then you look at the face and it's like.."what was she thinking?!"
  13. It's really all of it. Good grooming, nails, well fitting and appropriate (and stylish) clothing, good shoes and bag, good hair and makeup. The "wow" factor comes from a person looking so polished because they have managed to master all these things at once.
  14. 2nd every word.;)
  15. hair and nails!!!!!