What makes Louboutin and Manolo stand out from the crowd?

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  1. I love shoes like the next girl, but I don't understand the hype about them? are they more comfortable? can you run in them like sneakers?

    I guess, I just want to find out why they are the most coveted shoes ever.

    Well, actually I can understand Louboutins cause they are so high!! But what about manolos?

    what is so special about both besides the fact that celebrities wear them? thanks
  2. I think style and comfort. My all time favorite Louboutins are my Bruges patent/cork pumps and no other brand had anything like that (at the time they came out). My Manolos are also extremely comfortable and I get so many compliments on my ivory eyelet pair! So for me, it's def style and comfort...and it doesn't hurt they are the IT shoes.
  3. I have my Louboutin graffiti flats (black with yellow/white). I like them because they're unlike any other shoe I have. I got them for my 17th birthday :smile:. They're a blend of style, class, and that hint of "Oooh, is that a red sole?"
  4. I think that like anything else it does come down to personal preference. I like Manolos b/c I think they are comfortable but CL is sexy and comfortable. I just don't think anyone does a peep toe stiletto like him. While there are knockoffs now I still think that a real CL is just one of a kind and looks fabulous with anything.
  5. Christian Louboutin is an artist!

    It's got to be said tho... He's been doing wonders to our legs for years with the most unique yet timeless and sexy yet elegant shoes on the planet. But is it me or are the magical red soles being marketed their way out of exclusivity?

    They seem to be plastered all over music videos and appearing in the most convenient angles on every celebrity on every page of every magazine. Let's face it - the red soles once reserved for only the most stylish ladies amongst us seem to be appearing on every street corner.

    It's beginning to dishearten me a little, especially given the fact that the prices seem to be doubling by the season as a result of this annoying global hype.

    But even with that. I still love Christian Louboutin and my heart leaps everytime I see one of his stunning creations!
  6. CLs just do it for me. I think they are completey sexy, stylish, and just straight up Look-at-me shoes. They are just beautifully designed and crafted and yes, it's the red sole, but it's also the shape of the heel, the silhouette...everything.
  7. To me, CL and MB don't stand out more than Pierre Hardy or Roger Vivier... They are all mainly shoe designers who create elegant shoes. I wouldn't say that any of these brands is more comfortable than the other. They offer quality, and in the US they have gotten so hugely popular because of the celebrity exposure.
  8. Their shoes are HOT!! Also, it doesn't hurt that they're pretty comfy. The extra zeros are just there because of their quality and timelessness. The CLs and Manolos are mostly handmade and are of the finest leathers, and the engineering that goes into them are more aimed towards comfort. The $80 shoes in the malls are all made by machines and just geared to satisfy trends, without considering whether they'll be comfortable or not.
  9. CL worked for Roger Vivier and I agree that Pierre Hardy and Roger Vivier are in the same league - but you only see a couple of styles available in just a few places here in the US - while every major retailer has jumped on the Manolo and CL bandwagon. Manolos and CLs are fabulously well-made - I think Manolos, in particular, can be counted on to always make a foot look beautiful - every nuance is just right. What's great about CL (aside from great looking very wearable basics - ex.: simple pump) - is that he does daring things that actually work, as opposed to doing daring things that really aren't that attractive or wearable (ex. - Balenciaga. Don't shoot me here, love the bags - have 5 of them). JMO, of course.
  10. Am I the only person that think that SATC had a big part in making Manolos (and Louboutin) stand out? :whistle:
  11. I think SATC for sure made Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo stand out... not so much CL (imho.) They didn't get nearly the exposure on that show that the other two did.
  12. mb and cl fit to my narrow feet like a glove on a hand...i love it.
  13. Rhetorical Q's here: Why are designer bags so much more popular than their non-designer counterparts? Why do LV and YSL and Fendi and Chanel charge exorbitant fees for their creations? Do they bring the wearer any tangible benefits that would be different than a mid-range bag? Nope.

    I don't think designer items have qualities that are quantifiable and that translate into monetary value directly. What you would pay for quality and design, the two main things that set designer goods apart, is radically different from the next person.

    We pay for the quality, we pay for the originality, we pay for what makes us feel good, and most importantly... we like what we like.
  14. I think it's all about the publicity. Before SATC Manolo Blahnik was known mostly to shoe fashionistas and the show made them know to the masses. Jimmy Choo was more or less the same. Louboutin, while not as openly "advertised" on the show, did get it's fair share of exposure. They all became household names and everyone knows about them. Their prices have shot up since then as has their popularity. I think that's really all they have going for them over the competition.

    I am only human though, I did fall victim to the Manolo craze!

  15. thanks for your wonderful answers guys.